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Dune House Wows with a Dynamic Vaulted Ceiling Detail

Australian architects Paul Jones collaborated with builder Zozri South and the interior designers at Ozbyrd Design to create this stunning natural house design, sitting atop a high dune overlooking the sand and surf of Eagle Bay. As far as Australian beach houses go, this one isn’t your average bear. Timber houses like these are few and far between, encompassing natural sophistication that doesn’t compromise on its earthiness or its elegance. The wood clad house boasts Pacific teak exteriors while inside, recycled tallow-wood floors, white-painted cedar ceilings and walls, and solid cedar cabinets. Speaking of which, the piece de resistance is without a doubt this amazing angled ceiling detail, with a break forming the spine of the open concept living and dining space.

The home’s facade features a simple shoebox shape, clad in Pacific teak with massive picture windows to let the view in.
Terraces on the upper and lower level integrate indoor and outdoor living. The alfresco entertaining areas and those tucked behind the vast glazed facades disappear into one another for a seamless, open look wrapped in the timber structure.
A large driveway ushers you into this low-profile, understated home, where the windows offer small sneak peeks inside.
The entryway is tucked into a sheltered, private nook, its glass glowing warmly from within.
Inside, the firth thing that stands out on entry – apart from the views – are the rick, recycled wood floors. Follow their grainy texture and warm, cognac hues deeper into the home.
Interior design firm Ozbyrd Design complemented the organic materials with traditional rugs and rustic furniture pieces.
We love the contrast between the cool, crisp backdrop and the wood furnishings and floors. Overlooking it all, the picture windows offer views from inside out…
… and from outside in!
Off the entrance, a set of stairs leads up to the home’s living areas – kitchen, living room and dining room.
The demi walls enclosing the staircase leave the upper level connected to the lower. The organization of these spaces separates the public entryway from the more private living areas tucked upstairs, while maintaining an open dialogue.
On entry, you’re immediately blown away by this amazing ceiling detail. The white-painted cedar ceiling takes shape as an ever-so-slightly vaulted ceiling, finished with plants that transform it into a dynamic, undulating feature of the space.
The veiling becomes the spine of the space, leading you through the living room, through the dining to and to the kitchen at the opposite end.
A long fireplace feature takes its place center stage, echoing the natural wood detail inside.
Opposite the fireplace, a glazed wall overlooks an outdoor living area which, in turn, overlooks the beach below. Stunning!
The eclectic furniture selections bring warmth to the space, complementing the warm wood and the rustic flavor of the white-painted wood walls and ceilings.
There’s something so intimate and inviting about a kitchen with natural wood floors. Traditional, warm and “homey,” this kitchen is a cross between country and contemporary thanks to its bright white palette, modern hardware and stainless steel appliances.
Off the kitchen, a sitting area is the perfect spot to watch the chef at work while sipping a glass of Shiraz. This den is wrapped in glass walls, which opens up the space with its natural light and outdoor views.
On the other side of the glass, this alfresco living area is the best seat in the house to take in the sun, sand and surf from a distance.
Looking in, this casual, comfortable outdoor living space blends with interior, both in terms of its aesthetic and its materials. The white ceiling and wood floors continue from inside out, expanding the house beyond its four walls.
The bathroom is cool and serene, echoing the home’s organic palette of materials with a contemporary edge.
Architect: Paul Jones
Builder: Zozri South
Interior Design: Ozbyrd Design


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