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Concrete House Design in China – Nature Inspired Dune Home in Inner Mongolia

If you’ve ever watched the wind blow off the water and across the sand dunes, the unique pattern may remind you of this innovative, all concrete house design by HHF Architects, created for the Ordos 100 project. The project’s site of Inner Mongolia largely impacted the modern design of Dune House, which was by and large inspired by the Earth’s natural and most awesome forces – wind and water. “During thousands of years, the landscape of Ordos was shaped by wind and water only. The result of this shaping process is a soft landscape of dunes and valleys,” according to the architects. “The ground floor of the Dune House is inspired by these natural processes that shape the earth to create one big space with soft geometries.” The home facade of brick, concrete, metal and glass yields a modern look steeped in traditional materials and methods. The future-forward frame of the house takes shape with 30-degree twists, giving the house a sense of motion and fluidity, like sand slowly spilling in the breeze. Inside, the ground floor of this contemporary house is the hub of the home; designed as an open-concept area for social interaction with a fireplace, a dining area, a pool, a lounge and a reading den. The first floor design divides living areas for privacy, with nine separate volumes surrounding a main foyer. HHF Architects.



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