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How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Patio Space

Just because you don’t have the biggest patio space does not mean you can’t have a beautiful area that is well decorated and will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. Use these ideas to make your small patio the perfect vacation oasis.

Keep it Colorful

Colorful furniture pieces are perfect for the outdoor space because they add to the colors that already exist in nature. Doing so will enhance the space pair with neutral hues to work well with the colors while still being put together.

Color brings life to any area even the smallest space. Therefore, adding bright pieces will bring a larger feel to the space while still being trendy. Use colorful furniture or décor pieces for that well rounded colorful vibe that is fun yet feel vacation like.

Go Bold with Flooring

Pattern flooring is great when you want to add dimension yet don’t want to add much color or texture. Work with bold flooring and add seating pieces that enhance the hues on the floor. If you want to add color consider using natural elements such as flowers and planted greenery.

Going bold with flooring is the perfect contrast between having simple décor. If you want to keep it simple this is the way to do just that. Consider different patterns as your flooring or a bold carpet. A daring carpet can give you the safe effect without having to change your floors.

Use a mirror

Whether your patio is small or large a mirror can create the perfect decor moment. Consider a large mirror or a few smaller ones to help reflect light. Doing so will expand the space while still being fun and put together.

Mirrors reflect light which allows them to make the space feel larger. The key is strategically placing a few mirrors around the space or having one large mirror become the main focus. Doing so brings another light source while still having the traditional dimensions.

Add a fireplace

A beautiful pit fireplace can bring together your decor while still being put together and cozy. Pair with couches and comfortable chairs for that classic calming effect. Keep the decor simple and put together for the perfect outcome.

No space is too small for a fireplace. In fact, having a fireplace can add a cozy feeling even in the smallest areas. Consider a small bowl or inground fireplace for the best outcome. These options are smaller and will allow the space to make the biggest comeback.

Keep it simple

Simple does not mean boring, that is the misconception many people have. Use a simple decor and layout for a crisp, clean look that makes the space appear larger. Pair with a few neutral pieces and the entire patio will come to life.

Even in the smallest of spaces you can create a whimsical space for yourself. Add a fun chair, rocking chair, or sofa and pair it with a table for a space that meets your evening time standards. Doing so creates one special place in your home that is dedicated to you.

Design Upwards

Designing upwards means you are designing a space that is based on appearing higher, not larger. Keep the decor simple yet emphasizes on larger pieces around the high areas of the patio such as the walls or surrounding greenery.

Working with a limited space can feel discouraging when it comes to decorating. However, the key is designing upwards. Having an upward construction will allow you to decorate from top to bottom, giving you the ability to use less décor on the floor. Doing so keeps the décor to a minimum while still being trendy.

Built-in Bench

A built-in bench has undeniable versatility. Including becoming a seating area. The key is working with the shapes that enhance your outdoor decor. You want to create a space that blends in so that the room always looks larger instead of smaller.

A built-in bench can not only save you space, but it is the perfect addition when you need extra seating that adds to your décor. Keep the bench smaller in size for the perfect put together look.  Furthermore, pair with simple chairs for a well put together area that does not take up too much ground space.

Matching Shapes

Keeping with a circular theme will bring beauty to the space while ensuring all decor appears cohesive. The idea is to have an all up together look. Keep it circular with matching chandeliers, plants, and tables. Pair with a rug for a beautiful put together look. 

One way to keep the décor revolving while still being put together is by using matching shapes around the patio. Consider having a roundtable with matching chairs to keep the décor cohesive. Nevertheless, doing so will maximize the space.

Natural Simplicity

Nature could be the only thing you need to keep the beauty of your patio area intact. Consider adding a few details only to ensure nature does its job and fills the space with beautiful hues and texture. Its the perfect way of adding simple touches that feel refreshing.

Keep it simple and let nature do its thing. Nature is beautiful on its very own, consider embracing the beauty and allowing it to be the main focus of the patio space. Use similar hues and simple lines to ensure the beauty is left even for those looking outside from the inside.

Use Comfy chairs

Chairs are great for a smaller area due to them not taking much space but still having that comfort appeal they are well known for. Add extra cushions and a small table to bring it the appeal of cozy that you want. Pair with lamps or handles for a softness of light.

If you don’t plan on using your patio for outdoor dining, comfortable chairs could be the best route. Furthermore, add two bold, comfortable chairs and a small table where you can sit and relax while enjoying the great outdoors.


Which of these small patio space ideas would you consider using in your home? Please share with us your small patio ideas.


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