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Fire pit ideas for a fun, chill summer

Summer is officially here, and we are spending the most time outdoors, whether that is enjoying the weather, grilling a little more, or reading a good book. Regardless of the reason, your outdoor space deserves an upgrade! What better way to do that, then to bring in a fire pit and having it become the focus of our outdoor space.


Even if you decide to make your fire pit in the ground, the simple act of having it shaped in a geometric appeal will instantly make the fire pit come to life.

Whether you want to create a modern space, or you want to bring a modern touch to your outdoor area- bringing a quirky shaped fire pit can do both. Having a geometrically shaped object as part of your décor is one of the best ways to make an area feel uniquely charming. Go for a brass material pit to give it that ultimate modern appeal.


The beauty of a round fire pit is that most have a cover thus allowing it to become a table once it is not in use. Therefore, use it was a foot rest, a cocktail table, or more.

If there is something you want from any décor in your outdoor space is having something functional. You want to have decorative bits that make sense to your décor while still giving you a versatile appeal. That is where having a multifunctional twist. Bring in a round fire pit that originally has a cover for that multifunctional appeal. Not only will it be a fire pit, but you can use it as a cocktail table after.

Fire Trough

Take your fire trough to the next level by expanding it enough to be a table as well. Add chairs and you’re good to go.

Bring in a 6foot long rectangle trough and have it become the cozy aspect your outdoor space needs. During the summertime, you won’t need a cozy aspect but having one will come in handy when your nights are becoming cooler and you can sit with friends. It’s all about embracing the weather and having that touch that brings it all together.

Patio Entertainment

Bring in outdoor furniture, and add a sofa to fully make your outdoor space feel as entertaining and engaging as possible.

If you want a modern luxurious feel its time to embrace the idea of creating an entire space that revolves around your fire pit. To do that bring in furniture pieces and work your fire pit right in the center. When in doubt, consider going the custom route, and getting a customized seating and fire pit to make the space have that appeal that it was always meant to be there.

Small but Mighty

A modern small fire pit is perfect to make any space feel cohesive and chic without taking anything away from the room.

Not all fire pits need to be large some of them can be small but mighty. This works exceptionally well if you have a smaller patio/backyard and want to have a fire pit. Having a small fire pit will instantly make the space feel cozy and homey without taking away from what you already have. It will instantly make the space chic and embraces the room overall.

Pair it with a Pool

Pair your fire pit with your pool for that cozy aspect that is entertaining and charming with a dose of vacation.

When it comes to designing consider bringing your fire pit close to your pool. The design itself will provide a relaxing lounge space. It’s all about creating an area that makes you feel almost as if you’re on vacation but right in your backyard. You want to bring in every detail you have ever imagined while embracing the square footage you already have.

Brick Fire Pit

Use multiple size bricks to give your fire pit as unique as possible without taking away from your decor and other areas of the room.

This kind of fire pit perfectly combines your modern décor with your traditional. This idea is all about morphing the two decorating styles and having them feel as one. Bringing in light-colored bricks will instantly give it a modern appeal without having to go overboard with it. Use modern seating around it to further enhance the décor you already have.

Cast Iron

Hang your cast iron fire pit from the center of your display for a unique touch that feels twice as rustic.

If there is one unique element you should consider adding to your outdoor space is a cast iron fire pit. Not only is it a modern twist that creates an exceptional area, but it allows you to have a fire pit that makes the room feel new and fresh every time you walk in it.

Under a Cabana

Bringing a fire pit under a cabana is perfect for those that love to be outdoors and want to enjoy a more charming approach that is symmetrical and engaging.

Sometimes your fire pit doesn’t need to be out in the open, it can be inside of a cabana for a vacation touch that comes to life. Consider it one of the best ways of getting both of best worlds, you get your fire pit and you also get a little more privacy. It’s great when you want to create a space that makes sense to the room without feeling overbearing.

Just bring Chairs

Adding cushions to your seats will instantly add luxury and comfort to your seating space, especially if you have a modern fire pit.

Sometimes all your fire pit needs are a few chairs where you can sit with some friends and relax. The idea is to keep your entire outdoor space as minimal as possible with just a hint of comfort. Bring in chair cushions to add a second dose of comfort, while still being comfortable and modern. Remember to keep everything cohesive and charming at once.

When it comes to your fire pit its time to embrace a change! Share with us your ideas below.


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