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How to Be Creative with Stone Fire Pit Designs: Backyard DIY

Don’t be a follower when it comes to DIY fire pit projects – be a leader! Create your own artistic stone fire pit with a little imagination and labor. Everybody does the same round cobblestone fire pit design, but you can be different. Dare to stand out from the crowd! We’ve given you some creative ideas below to get you started and get you inspired. You can shape your own concrete stones using a template, you can use flagstones or even use alternative stock stones from your local home improvement store. You can also come up with your own pit layout. If you’ve got boulders around your property, they’d make a great pit and that would be easy on the budget. The trick is to make it yours. It’s the personal, unique touches that will elevate your fire pit to designer status. Let’s get started!

Creative cobblestone fire pit in teardrop shape – Vishnu/Buddha inspired. No instructions are given but picture is worth a thousand words. Use tapered cobblestones to build a full circular base, then lay a half-circle pyramid on top, then place some gravel or brown Alpine rock or others decorative landscape rock inside. Via: pinterest.
Creative Stone Fire Pit on a budget. No instructions are given but it’s pretty much self-explanatory – what you see is what you create. Via pinterest.
Submerged Fire Pit. See instructions at Redfin. As for the randomly shaped rock, there are few ideas that come to mind. You could use templates to make your own stones with quick cement; you could try to carefully break some flagstones; or you could try to chip concrete blocks; or buy Nantucket pavers at Home Depot.
Concrete Tree Rings Fire Pit. Built for under $50. See detailed instructions at Instructables. Folks got so inspired by this idea that they designed their own versions, using differently shaped blocks. Just check out these two creatives below.
Boulder fire pit by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture.
Rustic flagstone fire pit. No instructions. You would just glue the large stones together using outdoor stone epoxy. Via pinterest.
Gorgeous artistic fire pit arrangement. No instructions. Randomly-shaped flagstones contrast beautifully with rectangular bricks. The entire setup is very creative, with a circular gazebo and multicolor brick. Via pinterest.


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