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Skull Von Bronze Backplate Hardware for Doors by Faucetto

skull-von-bronze-backplate-hardware-doors-faucetto-1-arch enemy.jpg
Shattering Conventionality is the catch phrase that Faucetto uses for their Skull Von Bronze series and while a skull plate for your door might be unconventional, it’s the perfect touch of fugly Goth. What’s fugly you ask? Its when you add a little bit of uncomfortable to a room’s decor and that little bit of fugly sometimes is all that’s need to take a ho hum well designed interior and make it memorable. Now I ask you – wouldn’t you remember a door with this “Arch Enemy” backplate on it?

The Skull Von Bronze door hardware is all made in the USA by Rocky Mountain Hardware with solid bronze trims and metal latches with each one personally inspected before it goes out the Faucetto door to you and your door. As you can see there are four choices of skull backplates, the one above and these three which are from left to right; Goth backplate, Ovoid Backplate and whatchamacallit Backplate. Seriously the names are just as much fun as the Faucetto backplates themselves.


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