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Day of the Dead Decor: It’s the New Halloween

Day of the Dead decor is popping up everywhere – it’s the new Halloween. If you’ve been to the mall lately, and stopped into a World Market, Pottery Barn, Pier One or Crate & Barrel – you’ve probably noticed the latest trend in Day of the Dead decor. In Mexico, Day of the Dead is celebrated for two days – beginning at midnight on October 31/November 1. It might seem a bit ghoulish, but before you get all freaked out – this holiday is not supposed to be a scary time in Mexico. It’s a time to welcome back departed ancestors for a visit, to remember them, to tell their stories. The iconic Catrina skeleton represents a rich woman’s skeleton in a broad-rimmed hat – proving that death plays no favorites. This image has long been part of Mexican folk art, as have the ornately decorated skulls made of sugar. And the autumn marigold is the official flower of Day of the Dead. With all its color and history, it’s little wonder that Day of the Dead – or Dia de los Muertos – has made its way into home decor around the globe.

 Day of the Dead Decor: Its the New Halloween

The Catrina figure – represented in pottery statues, dinnerware, fabric and more – was the creation of famous Mexican illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada in the early 1920s. Source

day of the dead decor huichole skull thumb 630xauto 57081 Day of the Dead Decor: Its the New Halloween

The Huichol Indians of Mexico have some incredibly colorful and meticulously beaded (seed beads!) sculptures, including a sugar skull for Day of the Dead – pure art as Day of the Dead decor. Source


La Fuente’s Day of the Dead Skull decor piece – with butterflies and caterpillars.


This pair of 1920’s style Day of the Dead sugar skull pillows will certainly liven up your living or bedroom decor. Above and below from Zazzle.




How about using one of these Day of the Dead talavera sinks into your bathroom decor? Source


How about some Dead of the Dead wall decor? Source


One of the ornately decorated traditional sugar skulls – under glass. A clever way to turn a sweet treat into Day of the Dead decor.


And a real sugar skull – made from a mold and ornately decorated with icing. Source


Another sugar skull shape in Day of the Dead decor. This time, it’s a pure beeswax candle. From the Oregon Bee store.


A little Day of the Dead wine, perhaps? Source


Can I open that for you? Day of the Dead decor corkscrew from World Market.


Day of the Dead beer, anyone? Source


Or perhaps just a cup of tea? Source


A little cheese, please? Source


A little candlelight to set the mood? Tabletop Day of the Dead decor you can use all year. Source


Here’s an upcycled Catrina dinner plate – made by Melody Rose using vintage dishes. Day of the dead dish decor!


Day of the Dead party decor – appetizer plates, also from World Market.


Want to have a party but you’re in a bit of a time jam? Order your Day of the Dead cookies online. Not quite Day of the Dead decor – more like Day of the dead tea time!


Talavera tiles are another decor piece in this increasingly popular holiday. Lots of possible Day of the Dead decor projects! Source


A lamp – to add a classic touch to Day of the Dead decor. From Etsy.


And a dancing skeleton bench to rest your weary bones. Day of the dead decor comes to furniture. Source


More Day of the Dead decor furniture – a decoupage blanket box. But don’t hide it in the bedroom! Source


A pair of Day of the Dead Majorca vases. Day of the Dead decor has never looked so good. Source


Day of the Dead decor would not be complete without remembering our pets as well as relatives and friends. Source.


Classic Day of the Dead decor Catrina pottery statue. Source


And the Mexican talavera pottery Catrina is a must-have for any Day of the Dead decor display – she is often life-size. Source


Still can’t stop thinking about Halloween? Combine the two – a pumpkin with a Day of the Dead decor design! Source



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