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Modern Halloween Decor for a Spooktacular Home

Halloween is a month away, lurking in the trees and forests, waiting for the right moment to strike and officially kick off the holiday season. But if the thought itself already wears you out, it’s time to carve some inspiration out of the bottomless well of ideas that is the Internet for some non-orange tasteful decorating ideas. Modern Halloween decor definitely defies a lot of traditions. There’s less pumpkin carving, little orange accents, if any, and lots and lots of fashion-inspired glamour in every detail. Take a look at our compilation to see what we mean.

No-Carve Pumpkin Accents

It’s so much easier to decorate with pumpkins these days. There’s chalk paint, sharpies, crayons, spray paint, and ‘tattoo’ captions at your disposal, if you don’t want to sweat away on those Jack O’ Lanterns. You can even make the ones that glow in the dark with some specialized paint to fake the lantern effect.

DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins
DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins via Homey Oh My
DIY Gold and Neon pumpkin decorations
Modern Halloween decor – DIY Gold and Neon pumpkins via For The Makers
DIY Donut Pumpkins
DIY Donut Pumpkins via Studio DIY
Bright ombre pumpkin
Blushing pumpkin via I Spy DIY
Paint-splattered pumpkins
Pumpkin splatter via Homey Oh My

This relaxed decor approach produces a surprising range of decor options, which are versatile too. Your pumpkins don’t have to be orange any more. Take any color to them from blushing springy pinks to dazzling shiny golds or spray paint them in part to create a trendy ombre effect.

Modern-Looking Wreaths

In modern style, every detail gets a sleeker and more stylish. Wreaths, for one, come in minimal shapes, but no less exciting color combinations. They don’t have to be too elaborate, and you can make some with as little as crafting paper to make them work.

Floral Halloween wreath
Floral Halloween wreath by Girl Loves Glam
Creepy Crepe-Paper Wreath
Creepy crepe-paper wreath via Country Living
Black feather wreath
Modern Halloween decor accessory – black feather wreath via Fox Hollow Cottage

It may be a bit challenging to make a modern wreath spooky, but you can get a creepy, moody feel with some rope, crinkled paper, or just black feathers. Black feather wreaths look great all on their own, and don’t even require any other details.

Glammed up Mantels

Decorating a mantel will instantly set the mood for the holiday, but it’s time to get rid of cheesy garlands and piles of pumpkins. To achieve a modern look choose golden brass candlesticks or chromed pumpkins. Use beautiful vases to display dead flowers and plants, if you want an especially haunted vibe.

Halloween mantel dress
Halloween mantel dress via Style Me Pretty
Stylish Halloween mantel
Stylish modern Halloween decor via Inspired by Charm
Black and gold Halloween decor
Black and gold Halloween decor via Lillian Hope Designs

Make things more interesting with creative displays such as a tiered tray or a skull-topped candelabra. Use wispy fabrics to create a spiderweb-like backdrop for your smaller decor accents.

Moody Tablescapes

Tablescapes are as important for the holiday feel as the home decor. As everything else, modern tablescapes aren’t so much scary as they are moody and glamorous. You can get the look with a few black plates and matching pumpkins, or you can go with a more dramatic black tablecloth and flatware.

Halloween bat decoration tablescape
Halloween bat decoration tablescape via Sarah Sarna
Pitch black Halloween tablescape
Pitch black Halloween tablescape via Asia Wedding Network
Classy Halloween table decor
Classy modern Halloween decor via Stylizmo Blog
Elegant Halloween table
Elegant Halloween table via Style Me Pretty
Contemporary Halloween tablescape
Contemporary Halloween tablescape via Williams Sonoma

To make it a bit spookier, light up a dozen or so candles, and have your holiday dinner in the dark to sharpen your other senses.

Table Decor Accents

A tablecloth choice is going to set the mood for your tablescape, but table decor accents will give it character. There are so many accents to choose from, you can never get bored with Halloween (or any other holiday for that matter). Think skull-shaped plates, photographic napkins, creepy appetizers and desserts, and all the different centerpieces you can come up with.

Skull-shaped plates
Skull-shaped plates via Williams Sonoma
Tar-dipped pears on a centipede plate
Tar-dipped pears on a centipede plate via The jungalow
Glazed blood red apples
Glazed blood red apples via Style Me Pretty
Poison-filled potion jars
Poison-filled potion jars via The Country Chic Cottage

The virtue of edible decor is that you don’t have to splurge on it as much, and it’s different every year, but it certainly has a downside of being quite time-consuming.

Halloween Centerpieces

Centerpieces are, well, the centerpieces of any table decor. But we don’t advice buying ready-made ones, and instead opt for neutral accessories like skulls, candles, and other figurines with which you can create various combinations each year using fresh flowers, dead branches, and fruits and vegetables.

Floral Halloween centerpiece
Floral Halloween centerpiece via Honestly Yum
Chic Halloween tablescape
Chic Halloween tablescape via The Jungalow
Damn glam Halloween decor
Damn glam Halloween decor via Elle Decor
Golden skull for glam Halloween
Golden skull for glam Halloween via Shop Sweet Things

The usual centerpiece combinations like skulls and feathers work wonders, but don’t be afraid to experiment with non-typical things to get a daring and non-dull composition. We like the idea of dark fall flowers contrasting with a white skull container.

Table Display Ideas

If you don’t want to bother with table decor and don’t have a mantel to dress up, a table or console display may help you get in the Halloween mood. Using candles, glass domes, and various other accents, create an arrangement that you’d want to admire.

Black candle Halloween table decorations
Black candle Halloween table decorations via Lonny
Lisbeth Dahl Halloween decoration ideas
Lisbeth Dahl Halloween decoration ideas via At Home Designer
Simple Halloween table display
Simple Halloween table display via Lauren Kelp
Minimalist Halloween Decor
Halloween decor in a minimalist home via HGTV

You can revamp your existing decorations with paper bat wings and masquerade masks to save on special accessories. Candles of any shape or form are cheap, and never fail to bring their special charm to any display.

Halloween Buffet

Halloween buffet is a much better option for active kids parties, and they are pretty easy to style as well. All you need is a few cake stands, bowls, and some table decorations. But it’s always better to coordinate their colors because it will make the buffet stand out.

Modern Halloween sweet buffet
Modern Halloween decor for a sweet buffet via HGTV
Silver and cold Halloween buffet table decor
Silver and cold Halloween buffet table decor via Urban Comfort
Squeaky dining cart
Squeaky dining cart via Style Me Pretty

If you are doing an orange and black color palette, but you’d like to modernize it a bit, opt for sleek cake stand designs, glass jars, and minimal plates. Keep your centerpiece simple and your garlands thin.

Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor is essential for some modern homes because there’s a ton of empty vertical space that could use some decorating. Here is where spooky mirrors, fans, and all kinds of Halloween art comes in handy.

Modern Halloween decorations
Modern Halloween decor accents via HGTV
Modernist Halloween decor
Modernist Halloween decor via Eighteen25
Minimal spiderwebs
Minimal spiderwebs via Made Everyday

It’s easy to find okay wall decorations in stores, but making your own would definitely give them a touch of exclusivity. They aren’t even that hard to make. Various free printables will give you plenty of sayings to express yourself, while Rorschach inkblots would look great in a gallery of similar frames.

Small Decor Details

Want to carve up some Jack O’ Lanterns without breaking too much sweat? Here is a fun idea, why not go with a pineapple? These babies are smaller and have thinner skin, hence easier to work with. They also look pretty menacing with that texture of theirs.

Pineapple Jack o Lantern
Modern Halloween decor accent – pineapple Jack O’ Lantern via Fpiec
Halloween-styled balloon
Halloween-styled balloon via Poppytalk
Sneaky snake decor accent
Sneaky snake decor accent via Wolf Club Chronicles

Modern decorators are always on the hunt for some cool new ideas. The simpler the better. Take, for instance, a tulle-covered balloon. It looks sweet and melancholic at the same time, perfect for both kids and adult Halloween parties.

Halloween-Themed Throw Pillows

Want to spread holiday spirit further than a mantel or console? Halloween-themed throw pillows are perfect decorations – easy to use and fantastic in terms of assortment.

Sophisticated Halloween decor
Sophisticated  modern Halloween decor via Chatelaine
Scary Halloween details
Modern Halloween decor idea via Etsy
Realistic skull pillow
Realistic skull pillow via Etsy

Graphic throw pillows are as popular as ever. They bring a more realistic and truly thrilling (in more than one way) vibe to contemporary modern living rooms.

Terrariums and Display Boxes

Terrariums and display boxes are the best clean modern Halloween decor options. All those fillers are contained, and you can neatly stow them away in a box till the next year. You can also change the fillers every time you want to create something new.

Spooky dinner setting
Spooky dinner setting via The Happy Heathen
Halloween terrariums filled with fears
Halloween terrariums filled with fears via Freshome
Eerie candlestick display
Eerie candlestick display via Flamingo Toes
Display box with a skull
Modern Halloween decor accent – display box with a skull via Hank and Hunt
Glam Halloween decor
Glam Halloween decor via Darling Darleen

Modern Halloween decor is all about simplicity and chic. Elegance is welcome, excess is not. Carefully choose your decorations to go with your interior style, as it’s important that it organically becomes a part of your home decor instead of sticking out, puncturing eyes with garish details.


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