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Artistic Bathroom Fixtures Create Wow Effect

I mean just check out this Ametis Ring shower by GRAFF. Meant to represent a spa like halo with water cascading softly from the cantilevered ring to the person below the idea is to revitalize both the mind and body within the cocoon of its water therapy. Graff Faucets suggests the experience is euphoric and I believe them! The cutting edge design is finished in polished chrome, architectural black and architectural white making it easy to fit into most decors – it’s a stunning halo ready to calm the devil in all of us.

Completely different but just as awesome is Watermark Design’s new Elan Vital collection. This Industrial looking faucet has complete customization while having the appearance of being upcycled from an 18th century factory. This sassy brassy faucet is totally modern and features a 1.5gpm aerator finished in knurled metal, washerless ceramic disk levers with the words Hot and Cold engraved on them and the industry’s smallest exposed thermostatic shower valve that provides 2.5gpm per outlet. Elan Vital is an undressed faucet by Watermark Designs that definitely exposes the sexier side of plumbing.
Rocky Mountain Hardware crafted this touch of Designer Goth for Faucetto out of solid bronze trim, brass valving and ceramic disc cartridges. Called the Skull Von Bronze – love the name – the skulls face forward when off and turn the other cheek when on. Each faucet comes with an exclusive “Just in case” bag of two repair cartridges and there are 10 different “living” bronze finishes. With skulls being all the rage in design these days, the individually crafted made in USA Skull Von Bronze available through Faucetto are sure to be a BONE-ified hit!
Farca is a modern composition of minimalist proportions and yet it is inspired by the ancient Greek and Romans and in particular their baths. Taking its muse from these historic baths the Farca Faucet is also a stripped down version of the Greek letter Sigma that in this final form it presents a composition of bold and beautiful rectangular cubes sliced through by a tall and handsome cylinder. Made of chrome, Farca is available through Urrea.
There you have it, four sexy bath fixtures that leave you wanting more and that’s OK because you can see all 23 of the Best of Year Design Awards at InteriorDesign.net and don’t forget to vote for your favourite while there.


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