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Simple Wooden Bedroom Design

This wooden bedroom is a simple design, but oh-so elegant. There is elegance in simplicity, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. From architect Max Holst, Holiday House Vindö is on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden. The architect wanted to create a constant connection to the sky and forest, and it works. The low window is really cool and the overall interior feels like you are on holiday. At a ski resort or high end spa – it’s all the natural wood that does it. The holiday theme continues with the rug in the hallway and the balcony railing all help with the atmosphere – it’s a cabin in the woods. A place to relax, a place to read, a place to loll around. And from the bedroom, you can walk right out onto the deck and be one with the forest. We could all use a holiday at Holiday House Vindö!

Via: archello


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