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Sicis Tile Mosaics 2007 – the new way of communication, expression of trends, fashions and lifestyles…

If you crave unique, lively decorating solutions, the Sicis Tile Mosaics 2007 are an ideal answer. Sicis began 20 years ago with a mission to re-animate the traditional tile mosaic, bringing it up-to-date and using it as a way to communicate to express trends, fashions and lifestyles. The iconography and symbols of our time can be found within the Sicis contemporary mosaics, making them enduring items to last well beyond a lifetime. The mosaics reinterpret everyday objects into sculptural pieces meant to delight the senses. Sicis suggests that the ornate bathtub, for example, could move beyond the boundaries of the bathroom to form an installation in another area, such as the garden, living room or bedroom! The fanciful mirror collection is inspired by the mirror’s status as a feature from a fairytale. Make Sicis Mosaics 2007 your very own.



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