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Reclaimed Antique Wood Flooring by Stone Source

This collection of reclaimed antique wood flooring brings an authentic look to your decor while keeping the Earth in mind – it’s the best of both worlds! This cool reclaimed wood flooring by Stone Source uses deconstructed – not demolished – buildings as a source for reusable materials like these. “By salvaging over 90 percent of sites’ reclaimable materials, we obtain high percentage and quality yields for the best possible aesthetic,” according to Stone Source. This antique wood flooring is made using different wood types for a customizable look for your home. Choose from Berkshire Pine, New England Hemlock, North Faced Oak, Poplar, American Chestnut or Vertical Grain Heart Pine, available in various lengths and widths for application on floors as well as exterior and interior. The product is FSC certified, and it’s sure is the big thing in eco-friendly homes. Imaging having this rustic flooring in your modern home, to combine styles and to contrast with your modern furnishings. For more information visit Stone Source.



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