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Quick and Easy Kitchen Organization

Whether your kitchen is big or small, any room can make use of having extra organization. Staying organized is twice as difficult in the kitchen due to appliances, food, pantry items, utensils and glassware need to have a spot. Therefore, it can be difficult finding the right place to store these things. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a guide on quick and easy kitchen organization ideas to ensure your kitchen is always magazine-worthy.

Maximize space

Add cubbies into your organization spot to make your space feel less cluttered yet have the same amount of product in it.

Look at your space overall and pay close attention to the space you have. Are there any awkward corners? Could you make use of any specific area? If so, maximize it by adding storage that helps you make the most of it. You want to take any little area and brighten it as much as you can.

Perfect your Panty

Organize your panty by color to truly make every aspect feel sleek and cohesive while still feeling chic and even charming.

If you are lucky enough to have a panty, take full advantage of it and perfect it. The easiest form of doing this is by labeling everything and embracing every single space in the room. You want to place labels everywhere to have a specific place for every single item. It’s all about having every you want exactly where you think it belongs.

Make use of every shelf

Take open shelving to the next level by displaying what you use most and hiding the other parts inside of your cabinets its a win-win for all

Every shelf in your kitchen needs to be put to use. Considering you have a small amount of shelving you want to take full use of it and completely decorate it. However, this is a slippery slope as it can become quite cluttered very quickly. The key is keeping tabs on everything you decide to add.

Cookbook Central

Adding a colorful display of books will not only make having your favorite cookbooks on hand easy but it will ensure you have a fresh form of decor

Most of us don’t use cookbooks to cook; however, when we do there is usually a cookbook you run to time and time again. Keeping that in mind, take your favorite cookbooks and organize them in a single spot. Having them in one single area will ensure you not only have them on hand, but they will have their own space.

Backsplash with a purpose

Add in sleek shelves to make the kitchen feel as grand as possible yet give you some additional storage

Most kitchens have a backsplash already incorporated; however, take it to the next level by adding a floating shelf. Adding that’s shelf will give your backsplash a purpose that is beyond adding color and texture to the room. You want to add a small shelf as the idea is to have the little trinket items that you want to keep on hands such as salt, pepper, and adobo.

Display your Pots & Pans

Display your pots directly on top of your stove to make a statement yet be as convenient as possible

Pots and pans are always a necessity in the kitchen, but they sure take up a whole lot of space. Which is why it makes sense to not have them cluttered in a drawer or a cabinet, instead have them displayed. Displaying your pots and pans not only allows you to have them on hand, but they ensure there is less clutter in your space.

Bottle Storage

When designing your wine storage go big or go home. The grander the design the better.

Are you a wine lover? Do you have a multitude of wine bottles and don’t know where to place them? If that is the case, it’s time to keep track of your collection and create a specific spot designated for your wine. The idea is to keep your bottles as organized as possible while still giving them a home.

Tidy Trash

Hiding your trash will not only make the kitchen feel fresher but the room will look more modern as well.

Replace your large, nasty trash bins with multiple smaller ones to tidy up your trash. It’s all about making your trash look and feel less heavy, while still having its unique place in the home. If you can place it inside a cabinet even better. It keeps it tucked away while still being organized.

Spice Spaces

A simple rack for spices will make the room come to life without overtaking too much space in your kitchen

Keeping a spice cabinet is a great idea, especially when you want to find the spices you use most during cooking. It’s all about having what you need on hand without missing a beat. Place them in the same direction and by size order to truly create an organized appeal. Or you can even consider adding a twirling canister for simple organization.


Display it or hide it away, the options are endless when you have a chalkboard in your home

Add a chalkboard to leave a message, create an added organization, or even make a list for your family. The idea is to further enhance how much organization, you are getting without taking away from any area of the kitchen. It’s a centralized space where you can keep tabs regularly.

Organizing your kitchen might be easier than you think. How do you organize your kitchen? Share with us your ideas below.


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