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10 Powder Rooms That Will Take Your Breath Away

Even though powder rooms are traditionally small yet, they are the perfect space to go big, bold and daring while showcasing your decorating style. Instead of considering this room just an ‘extra” bathroom, take full charge of it and make it your new favorite place in your home. Become inspired by one of our favorite powder room decorating ideas that will simply take your breath away.

Texture on texture

There’s no easier or better way to create texture in a powder room then by having a well-textured wallpaper. Consider a neutral wallpaper with a similar colored pattern for a beautiful pairing that brightens the room with seamless character. 

Although the room is small, adding texture is the perfect way to allow it to make a bold, statement without taking away from the space. Add in a textured wallpaper and use textured bits in similar colors to bring that seamless textured feel to the room while keeping it clean and simple.

Bring on the Blue

Blue is such a beautiful color, that wherever it is placed it makes a huge impact. When in doubt consider a bold, blue wallpaper for the perfect blend of texture and color. Pair with other blue decorative items to enhance the colors featured as part of your wallpaper.

Blue is an excellent option for a powder room, it’s electric, it’s fun, and it’s vibrant which is exactly what you want in that space. Use bold, shades of blue and pair them together to engulf the room with its rich beauty. The color should feel almost as if the room was meant to be that color.

Modern Marble

For that modern marble touch, consider using quartz instead, it looks like marble, it acts like marble, it even has the ribbing effect like marble but its a hint more modern and quite cost-effective.

Marble has always been a top favorite for us, particularly in the bathroom and/or the kitchen. However, for your powder room, you want to consider a modern take on marble. For that modern touch of marble consider a marble wallpaper, and/or using quartz as part of your bathroom counter instead of traditional marble. You may even want to take a look at colorful marble as an option.

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper is gorgeous, its chic, its shiny, its fun and its contemporary. Consider a patterned, metallic wallpaper to further emphasize the metal hues that are weaved into the wallpaper.

We love the idea of wallpaper in any room it adds so much richness, character, and texture to the space. Take it a step further by having a metallic wallpaper in place. The hints of metal on the wallpaper will bring a new take on color and feel in the room.

Dark Florals

While not everyone will love the look of dark florals, when paired with metallics the florals take on a more feminine touch. Allow your florals to make the big statement by having them surrounding the room as the main wallpaper. For a more muted appeal consider only using the wallpaper in half of the room.

There is something sexy, feminine, yet edgy about a dark floral design. The key is allowing it to become the main focus of the room. You want that seamless almost sensual feel in the room. Pair with hints of metallic for the perfect coupling of colors and graininess.

Keep it Natural

Whether you only want to have natural lines or simply a natural color palette in your powder room, consider having a blond wood floor. The blond wood will make the room feel bigger while further enhancing that natural effect throughout.

We love a natural room it comes with simple colors and crisp lines. This works perfectly in a powder room, due to it allowing you to have all of your necessities without overbearing the space. Use natural colors to keep that clean appeal throughout.


If you don’t want to use lighter hues for a timeless feel, go for a darker more masculine appeal to the room. Doing so will have that timeless aesthetics but with a slight twist. Have your light fixture showcase a warmer lighting for a beautiful contrast.

Oh, how we love a timeless feel. Allow your space to feel elegant, and timeless at the same time by having richer nude hues that come to life with hints of lighter shades. Additionally, you want to add unique light fixtures that offer a warm light cast. It should feel romantic and timeless yet stylish.

Modern Minimalist

If you do not have the space for two mirrors, place one mirror elongated in the center of the room. Doing this will make the room feel larger without taking away from the space. Additionally, have a unique element in place to bring direct focus to that area of the powder room.

Keep it modern by going in a minimalist direction. The key is working with lines, textures and light fixtures that add to the room while keeping it minimalist throughout. Stay away from too much color as this will take away from the minimalist approach. Furthermore, consider having two mirrors inside of one to make the room feel larger while still having that minimalist decorating style.

One Color

Using one color throughout the entire room is perfect for powder rooms that are in between decorating styles. We love the look of a light gray powder room when it is paired with other shades of gray and even pastel bits of pink for a feminine contrast.

If you love one particular color stick to it and expand on it by working with the color in different formats. Take the color and make it the main focus of the room, you want to take the color and expand on it by having your furniture pieces match the color as well as your wallpaper and sink space.

Unique Sink

A unique sink is perfect for a powder room because it brings the entire room together. Change your sink for a more modern one such as a bowl sink or even a patterned sink. Either or will make the space come together in a beautiful yet contemporary manner.

Sometimes you do not want to change your entire décor; instead, you want to add a fun piece into the room to make it feel “new” again. A unique sink is a way to go. Keep in mind, the sink and countertop you use will need to match the space in a seamless manner to create a gorgeous unique display.

Which of these power rooms took your breath away? Please share with us your thoughts below.


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