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Eye-catching Dining Rooms with Floral Wallpaper

Since stepping back on the scene wallpaper has become the ultimate home décor lover. It’s bold and daring while still having the ability to be soft and charming. It’s all about what you do with it and how you do it. With that being said, one wallpaper option that is completely taking over is floral. It’s just one of those wallpapers that brings charm and texture right when you need it most while still giving you a bit of classic charm. The following eye-catching dining rooms are sure to inspire you to add a little floral touch right where you need it most.

Red Spice

Weave in bits of red throughout the room to enhance the room’s aesthetic in an overall aspect

When in doubt, consider a red floral wallpaper. Not only will it inspire you to use more color in your dining room. But it will further enhance the idea of having a bold statement as part of your walls. It’s all about getting the most out of your wallpaper and that is exactly what a floral wallpaper can.

Dark and Edgy

Go for a wallpaper that comes with large flowers for that contrasting approach that makes sense to the room.

Though many of us will think “floral wallpaper” and immediately think “feminine” or even “girly” when you use a dark hue that notion changes and your space become edgier. While most floral wallpapers can create a girly aspect, adding in a dark, rich contrast will create that classic appeal many of us need to feel more grounded. Pair with lighter hues to truly enrich the room.


A delicate display doesn’t need to be pastel it can be colorful, the beauty of it is having a display that matches the colorful charm the room has.

Contrary to our second option, this one is all about being delicate and truly showcasing the beauty that’s softer wallpaper can be. Sometimes your wallpaper does not need to be in your face, sometimes it can simply flow in the room. That is what having a delicate wallpaper will do for your dining room. Give you that tiny hint of texture where you need it most. Pair with metallics to enhance the overall appeal of the room.

Inspired by Nature

Keep your florals tiny for the ultimate display of beauty, yet feels natural

One floral wallpaper idea that will never go out of style is nature-inspired. There’s something about having a wallpaper that can merge both the inside and the outside without having to go overboard with décor. It’s about having your outdoor décor come into your home and feel fresh and airy. Pair with light décor to keep the room sleek and having that essence of freshness.

Busy, Busy

Match your wallpaper to your curtains to make the room feel as cohesive yet busy as possible

Go busy or go home. We love the idea of a busy wallpaper as it allows you to incorporate everything in one room without having to worry about it. It’s the idea of having a bold display that is felt in the entire room that also allows you to work in as much décor as possible. Whether you do a colorful, busy aesthetic or a pattern one, it’s completely up to you. The idea is to have the ultimate daring room.


Having a pastel shade will ensure you get the most out of the room in the best way possible.

Even though we love a bold touch, we love a pastel moment just as much. It’s all about creating balance and that is what a pastel wallpaper will give you. It will give you a sleek balance in the room while still having colors weaved into it. Think of it as the softer way of bringing a colorful display to your dining room.

Modern Blue

Add a farmhouse aesthetic for that epic modern approach that makes the room feel warmer and sleeker.

Floral wallpaper no longer belongs in your grandmother’s home, and a blue wallpaper proves just that. Floral blue wallpaper is a perfect example of how an old feature can become a modern beloved feature. Take a blue floral wallpaper and give it the spotlight it deserves by pairing it with other blue elements in the room.


If you are intimidated by metallic, don’t use an all metallic wallpaper, instead incorporate it softly and work from there.

It’s all about the gold, with this idea. Think of it as the perfect way of bringing a daring, sparkling approach to the entire room. It’s all about having as many metallic hues as possible, without going overboard. Select one specific metallic hue and work around it, to truly embrace the metallic bits and texture.

Light and Bright

For a light and bright display consider a white wallpaper with a bit of a unique twist

Sometimes you don’t want your wallpaper to be the spotlight of the room, sometimes you simply want something that will complement the space. Light and bright wallpaper will do just that, the key is working with a lighter wallpaper that still has the dimension in it without being too contrasting or dark. You want that balance that feels airy in an overall manner. If your dining room has a window this is the perfect space to place your wallpaper as it will further showcase the airy feel.

Vintage Charm

Vintage works when you have sleek, decor that brightens the room’s overall darker aesthetic.

Vintage is in and we are loving every bit of it! Especially for fall, having a vintage wallpaper is great. It’s the epitome of timeless beauty. You could almost say it’s a perfect addition to any room that needs a bit of a wholesome approach. Pair with chic dining set for that warming effect that only vintage pieces can provide.

It’s time for floral wallpaper and you know it. Which of our options have, inspired you? Share with us below.


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