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Porch and Patio Idea You’ll Want to Steal This Fall

Once the month of September arrives, it is time to begin revamping our décor and adding fall vibes to it. One of the areas of the home that many times get overlooked when it comes to adding season and holiday décor is the porch and patio area. Many times, these areas get overlooked because we don’t necessarily use them all year round instead we only use them in the spring and summer months.

However, if you decorate the space there is a higher chance that you will actually begin to use your porch and patio to entertain your guests or even to drink a cup of coffee and read a good book. The following porch and patio ideas will make you want to decorate the space this fall season.

Patio Bonfire

A couch sectional is a cozy way of adding furniture to your patio space. It is large and works perfect in a smaller or larger space. In fact its an excellent addition to having a modern firepit. Modern firepits can be a bit safer to have outdoors as they are taller and can be customized to your liking a lot easier. 

Bonfires are not only great for crisp spring and humid summer nights they are also great for cool fall evenings. There is something very intimate about sitting around a bonfire and having laughs with family and friends. Create a simple bonfire by sectioning off your fire pit with a wooden border and filling it with gravel. If you have an outdoor porch you can also purchase a small bonfire pit and take it to your porch for an intimate setting.

Outdoor Bar

Include everything you need on your patio bar so that you do not need to go back indoors and leave your guests. This is an excellent way of incorporating the versatility of being outdoors while having the elements of being indoors. 

Why keep all the fun indoors when you can take it outdoors as well. Adding an outdoor bar to your patio or porch area is a great way to ensure you entertain your guests all year round. Take a wheelie cart and add your favorite fall drinks as well as napkins, cups, and straws for the perfect portable bar.

Hanging Chair

Why have one hanging chair when you have multiple hanging chairs? Instead of only incorporating one hanging chair as an accent chair have multiple ones. This will provide a unique experience that is also fun while sitting on your porch.

Fall is all about being cozy. Therefore, adding hanging chairs to your patio or porch area can add another seating area with a fun twist. Don’t forget to add cozy throw pillows and blankets to complete the look.

Comfy Furniture

Nothing screams relaxation and comfort quite like rocking chairs do. Rocking chairs are an excellent upgrade to any porch and patio are they add a touch of vintage with a modern twist. Paint them a dark shade for an edgy twist or a bright shade for a modern twist.

If you do not have comfy furniture on your porch or patio you will not want to sit in that particular space. Wicker and rattan are the best materials to have if your porch comes in contact with the outside weather elements. These materials do not absorb moisture. Therefore, they will remain intact all year long. Add comfortable cushions for a comfortable space.

Invisible Doors

When you want to mesh together your outdoor space with your indoor area invisible doors is the way to go. They create a seamless connection between the two that can be quite difficult to distinguish.

We love the idea of combining the indoor décor with the outdoor décor. Therefore, having glass doors will do just that. Having glass doors that open up to your patio or porch will create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Keep the décor similar indoors and outdoors to establish the ultimate cohesive effect.

Colorful Setting

Orange may seem like an intimidating color. However, when paired with black and white patterns it can exactly what your space needs. Orange is a bright and bold color that screams fall in a chic manner.


Color is always a good idea. It revitalizes a space without much effort add colorful cushions in fall tones such as olive green, orange, rusty red, and yellow for a completely different look than the one you had in spring and summer. Don’t forget to add patterned cushions for added color and texture.

Outdoor Living Room

If you happen to have a smaller porch add a small seating area with a nice rug and small tables. This will create an extension of your living room. Add hanging lights to create a warm and cozy space that you can be used for the evenings.

If you have a large porch and/or patio creating an outdoor living room is the way to go. Add sections for lounging and dining to create the ultimate outdoor living space. A water-resistant rug is a perfect addition for creating a cozy area that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Add a Bench

Fall decor does not mean it needs to have leaves or even the color orange you can create a beautiful decor with a bench in almost any color. Paint pumpkins in white or black for a modern take on your fall bench decor.

A bench on your porch or patio space has multiple different purposes. It acts as an extended seating area and when placed on the porch it’s an excellent way to keep the house clean as it gives the kids an area for them to remove their shoes before they enter the home. It can also become an excellent decorative prop. You can place fun Halloween and fall décor on the bench to give it a festive look.

Outdoor Dining Table

Have dinner outside for a change instead of in the same area inside. It can be quite fun having a family time on your porch or your deck. If it gets chilly don’t forget to add a few cozy blankets or a firepit to warm up the space.

Adding a simple, dining table could be exactly what you may need to create the ultimate intimate setting. Simply take an unusual corner that you don’t necessarily know how to decorate and add a dining table with a few chairs and pillows. Add a lantern into the mix and you have an Instagram worthy fall setting.

Pallet Garden

A pallet garden adds color, as well a natural feel to your patio or porch area. Choose plants that can survive a higher temperature increase. This will allow you to be able to have a pallet garden almost all year round.

Pallet gardens have become extremely popular, especially during the fall season because of how easy to maintain they are. They are rustic and chic which gives the fall vibes you desire while being easy to create. In fact, they are so easy you can actually DIY this décor option. Choose plants that do not require much attention or watering for the best display.

When looking at these ideas, consider adding your own special twist for any even grander effect on your home. Which idea is your favorite and which one are you not so keen about? Please let us know in the comments below.


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