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Pink Pool Table by Marcel Wanders – Alcantara

Designer Marcel Wanders has created a show stopping pink pool table, covered entirely in Alcantara – right down to the pool cues. Imagine what your friends would say if you had this pink table in your home! He claims he’s always wanted to create his own pool table so when this project presented itself, he took to it like a moth to a flame. Ok, so which project are we talking about and what on earth is Alcantara? First, Alcantara is this innovative material developed for surface covering with an incredible soft texture. Not only is it pleasing to the senses, but it is extremely durable and respectful of the environment. So what exactly can it be used for? That’s where the Can You Imagine project comes in. It’s a collaboration between Maxxi Museum and Alcantara which invites designers to explore the creative and application possibilities of this material. So far, Alcantara has been used most popularly in car interiors, but we imagine potential applications to be quite vast; furniture, walls and soft furnishings come to mind immediately from an interior design perspective. We are excited to see what they come up with. Learn more at Yoo.



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