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Patina Copper tiles from Frigo Design – woven seared patina copper backsplash

Patina copper tiles can easily enhance a traditional, transitional, or contemporary decor. This patina copper backsplash from Frigo Design exemplifies beauty and elegance, having been created by a unique process that gives this design a truly unique look. Composed of real copper that has been carefully cut into 1 ½” slats which are then woven by hand, this backsplash features a textural “checkerboard” pattern that adds dimension to your kitchen design. Once the woven panels have been created, the edges are hand-rolled to produce a highly durable and finished look. The final process of hand searing alters the appearance of the copper, creating an organic array of hues on the copper’s surface. This product is very versatile and can be custom built to most dimensions and to accommodate for electrical outlets. Installation is also easy, utilizing a simple adhesive product available from Frigo. The backsplash is available for $75/sq. ft.


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