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Copper Shower Enclosure by Frigo Design – a ‘techy’ trend

Metal is hot now. Copper may be the hottest. This all Copper shower enclosure looks clean and techy – would be a great to have for an industrial style open space loft. The Matte finish adds high-end sophistication to an already extraordinary look. Even the shower base, corner shelf and towel bar are Copper, and so the acrylic door’s trim and handle. For that sporty look, can go with a Copper Shower rod in place of a door. Frigo Design custom builds these according to customer dimensions. All holes and door swing are made to fit as well. Maximum size is 3’x 3′. Height is up to 8 feet. Also available is 304 Stainless Steel Shower Enclosure with the fingerprint-less steel option. Prices start from $1,799 for Steel and from $2,699 for Copper. The non-tarnishing copper or fingerprint-less steel will add to the price but is well worth it. Frigo Design

Stainless Steel version
Shower rod option plus accessories


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