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Desert Home with Copper Clad Barrel Roof

Located in Sedona, Arizona, USA, the 3 bedroom Lolomi residence was designed by AA Studio and consists of 12 arched wood glue laminated beams that support a copper roof naturally patina’d to a bold green hue which is in direct contrast to the red rocks of the surrounding Sedona landscape, the natural wood and Arizona flagstone that clad the exterior of the building as well as brilliant blue of the backyard quarter circle pool. The barrel shape that runs the full length of the dwelling further enhances the bold statement of the copper roof.

The driveway up to the home offers only a glimpse of the roof and instead focuses on the natural red tones of the Sedona bedrock within the driveway, flagstone and the deeper shade of the adobe privacy fence and semi sphere of the upper fascia. A group of plants in a variety of heights breaks up the hardscape of the privacy fence and the pop of bright white from the sun umbrella creates a welcoming moment.
The driveway leads to a walkway that travels down the side of the home before arriving at the entrance. It is from this vantage point that the double story of the dwelling is revealed below.
The entry to the home features a bright red door and is right next to a flight of stairs that leads down to the lower level. The pattern of glazings, flagstone and adobe against the copper roofing creates a contrasting but visually enticing story of natural elements against the panoramic Sedona landscape beyond.
The adobe sections of the home cover plywood sheathing as seen here in the photo of the home before it was finished.
The stairs that begin at the entryway lead down to both the backyard and the lower level.
Once on the lower level glass panels lead to the family room and a gate leads to the backyard pool and terrace.
The terrace is covered by shade arbour and features modern funnel shaped planters set into tripods. The geometry of the planters is a play on the quarter circle shape to the pool itself.
While the pool is set into the deck on its two straight edges, it is raised above ground on its curved side.
The raised end of the pool gives it an infinity edge towards the commanding views of the Sedona landscape and for those basking in the sun via the lounge chairs, a cut out acts as a window toward the red cliffs beyond.
The view back towards the house with the evening lights glowing off of the barrel ceiling is not too shabby either.
During the day a shade arbour covers the terrace and if you still get to hot you can always go for a swim or take a quick shower located just past the entry gate.
The outdoor shower features a waterfall head against a refreshing mosaic of brilliant blue tiles.
On the other side of the terrace, tucked around the side of the home and shaded by a few statically placed specimen trees is a round spa.
This side of the home does not offer outdoor access from the upper level. The architects chose instead to use a stepped landscape to allow for private views from the bedrooms that look out in this direction. The privacy fence wrapping the front of the residence hides a terrace off of the Master Suite.
Past the terrace the stepped landscape features islands of both shrubs and flowering plants.
The Master Bedroom has a front seat view of the the gardens from both the bedroom and the private terrace.

The wood clad barrel ceiling creates a warm and cozy atmosphere within the Master Bedroom even with the extra height.

A guest bedroom features a double height closet complete with a library ladder.
The kitchen acts as the division between the private and social zones of the upper, street level of the residence. Here a galley wall features all the appliances while an enclosed island offers an uninterrupted length of prep counter and bar seating. The pale woods of the island and bar stools contrast nicely with the dark wood flooring and the soft red sandstone wall colour. Picking up on the reds of the sandstone shades are the pendant lighting and the toaster.
A small tabletop next to the fridge offers bar seating with a view.
The very back section of the upper street level is the social zone. Here, the barrel roofline offers a double height window glazing towards the sweeping vies and access to a deck for outdoor enjoyment without going downstairs. Breaking from the traditional layout of kitchen, dining, living; the Lolomi residence prefers a kitchen, living, dining layout so that the seating arrangement can enjoy views of the fireplace.
The upper deck looks out over the shade arbor to the pool below and the landscape beyond.
The fireplace is clad in the same blue mosaics as the outdoor shower for a continuum of materials and rather then being located against the wall, it is instead set forward to make room an indoor stairwell leading to the lower level.

The stairwell features tiled risers and dark wood treads with a tension rod rail system on the upper level. A doorway at the top of the stairs leads to the private zones of the home.

Downstairs features a fun spot of royal blue walls and a faux cactus for hanging clothes.
AA Studio


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