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Organic Shaped, Sunny Colored Outdoor Furniture by Areadeclic

Designed by Philippe Bestenheider, Elitre is the latest outdoors collection from Italian manufacturer Areadeclic. The name comes from the Italian word for the wings of certain insects, which have inspired the designer in creating the shapes that define the collection. Created for outdoor use, Elitre is composed of a chair, a stool, and armchair and two low tables of slightly different heights, which can be overlapped. The materials are coated metal tube for the legs and overall structure and coated metal mesh for the seats, tops and backrests. The shapes are organic, reminding of flying insects fluttering their wings. A great visual effect is created through transparency and overlapping. This effect is more spectacular in the backrest of the seats, where three elements bend and overlap creating a beautiful butterfly with its wings wide spread, especially in the upholstered version which creates bigger contrast. The person sitting it these chairs will feel like instantly growing wings to fly away in the blue skies above. The semi-transparency of the mesh also lives the legs visible, so the pieces have a dynamic look of busy insects in motion. The summer colors make you think of deep turquoise waters, sunny skies and poppy fields. More neutral versions in white and black are also available. Use these pieces indoors and keep the summer spirit all year long!



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