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Organic Interior Showcases Driftwood Sculptures and Clean Lines

Casa RO by Mexico’s Elias Rizo Arquitectos is nature at its best – both raw and refined. The Guadalajara-based architect created this intricate framework of clean lines and an open layout that connects interior spaces and the outdoors. Interiors designed by Ana Laura Oroz and Karima Dipp are filled with organic elements like driftwood sculptures juxtaposed against sleek glossy marble and beautifully finished wood throughout the home, setting the tone for a veritable natural experience. Read on for the full tour.

From the architects, “The original house was built in the late 60s in the international style and had once featured all the aesthetic concerns that dominated the architectural production of its day. Its orthogonal geometry, its frank distribution, its -+openness to the exterior and the materials used in its construction were some of the cues from which we initiated the arduous process of intervention. The main challenge was to adapt this aged shell of a house to suit the needs of a contemporary young family, without altering its essence.”
The double-height foyer is the heart of the home, open to the living areas that surround it. This entrance space is an apt introduction to the rest of the home, featuring earthy materials, tones and textures.
A wood wall leads the eye right up to the ceiling, where a library loft boasts a built-in bookcase and collection of reading materials on display.
The driftwood sculptures look like they were left here by waves.
A heavy steel staircase complements the organic material palette while lending an edgy element to the space. Open risers allow a view through to the living areas beyond.
A trio of steps leads from the foyer to a sunken living area overlooking the patio through a glass wall, lending natural light and views.
A massive mirror visually doubles the size of the space and bounces natural light throughout.
Open concept interiors feature artful separation, without being closed off. Different living areas are defined by room dividers – like this gorgeous natural wood piece – as well as variations in floor height, and even the staircase itself.
By contrast to the rest of the home, the kitchen is cool and contemporary. The black marble floor features large-scale tiles abutting a set of glossy grey cabinets with clean fronts concealing tons of storage space.
The open dining area is outfitted with a simple dark tabletop and modern, minimalist chairs. Bon appetit!
The house favors comfort, durability and livability over modernity. The natural materials bring warmth to the design. The marble steps lead up the heavy steel staircase, which is an instant focal point of the open concept space.
The upper level library loft is accessed by an invisible door on the right. If you don’t look carefully, you’ll miss it!
A media room is rich and masculine, featuring a wood wall that is simple by design, letting the beautiful natural grain shine.
The bedroom boasts a window wall opposite a large mirror, amplifying natural light and the sense of space.
The sliding glass wall opens to a rooftop patio – kick back in the iconic Eames chair or step out and enjoy the view first-hand.
Windows feature wood panels that slide on rails, alternating between openness and privacy as desired
The bathroom echoes the rest of the house in its use of rich natural wood and marble, but in a bright white shade from floor to ceiling. The huge walk-in shower would convert any bath person. A wall-to-wall bench is done in the same marble gracing the rest of the space. A frameless glass enclosure allows for unobstructed views and light.
For more details visit Elias Rizo Arquitectos.
Photo credit: Marcos Garcia


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