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Walk-In Shower by Cesana – Eclisse curved shower enclosures with walk-in area!

Eliminate the dangerous problem of slippery bathroom floors with this Walk-In Shower by Cesana; the Eclisse curved shower enclosures with a walk-in area. Designer Piet Billekens has pared down the shower essentials to create a shrewd “snail shape” for the Eclisse. Thanks to the incorporation of two glass panels this shape retains water well in the wet area, yet creates a suitably cozy and comfortable walk-in area to towel dry in. The shower makes effective use of curved glass panels, bright anodised aluminium, chromed brass components and lower profiles for glass protection in stainless steel. To complete the look, there is a shaped shower mat in teak and a stool of brushed stainless steel with a solid teak seat. Stunning style and thoughtful practicality characterise the Eclisse Walk-In Shower by Cesana.



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