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Glass Shower Panels for corner and niche by Cesana – Logic Horizon shower with walk-in entry

The Logic Horizon shower by Cesana has a walk-in entry, and features expansive linear glass shower panels just right for corner and niche areas. Walk-in entry means that there are no doors – only the transparent glass panels divide you from the world outside as you simply stroll in to enjoy your shower. The large, clear glass panels are separated in the middle by an attractive horizontal shelf that incorporates the entire water flow system. There is both a shower bar with a luxurious rain showerhead, along with a convenient hand held shower for those hard to reach areas. Logic Horizon is designed to slot into corners and niches of medium to large size, to provide a totally indulgent, spacious and open showering experience. Logic Horizon by Cesana is the ideal way to make use of natural light – the glass panels practically dematerialise as exterior light pours through them.



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