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Organic Decor Ideas for High-Tech Toys – iTree by kmkg

Here’s an earthy, organic decor idea for the high-tech home – the iTree by kmkg is an iPhone and iPod docking station that is as unique as the concept. Each is one of a kind, fashioned from a hollowed-out log and boasting its individual woody, knotty quirks. Choose from cherry, poplar or spruce, or take a ride and pick out your very own log – any length, any size, hollowed out by hand for optimum sound quality. And taking customization into the 21st Century, you can choose the integrated technologies you’d like your iTree to have. It’s compatible with any iPhone, iPod, W Lan stream unit or CD player, and for the old-school music lover out there, even a turntable! Place it in a cradle as a stand-alone decor piece, or mounted to the wall it makes an ideal addition to small spaces, of the floor and out of the way. Beautiful and functional, the organic iTree is what we like to call “natural innovation.” For more ideas, visit kmkg.



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