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Onlyone bathroom faucet from IB Rubinetterie – a pivoting faucet

Designed by Lorenzo Damiani, the Onlyone range of faucet uses a theme of bending pipes and circular profiles to juxtapose disciplined geometry with the free flowing water. The Onlyone faucet stands tall, and then sweeps back down at a dramatic 45 degree angle giving the water free reign. This is even more pronounced due to the 45 degree angle of the outflow, creating a wide open pipe from which the water rushes. Continuing the bending theme, the Onlyone faucet can be adjusted by maneuvering the main body. This manual hand adjustment has the faucet ‘bending’ to your will. The theme continues with the handheld shower head and tub filler. The shower uses bending tubes to create a sense of motion and twisting form; while the tub filler takes more placid approach with a single perpendicular bend. A modern and fantastically dynamic faucet, IB Rubinetterie also offers the Onlyone faucet with an aerator.



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