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Pivoting TV Turns Playful Apartment into Entertainment Area

This cool Tokyo home is exactly what you’d expect from a Japanese design – small, sleek, sophisticated, and oozing with innovation. House Design Co. turned this compact apartment into an efficient, well-oiled machine that blends function and whimsy. The designers and the clients clearly have a playful side, which evident through small but potent pops of color throughout, various built-ins, and features like this rotating entertainment center at the heart of this open concept space. While small, the home boasts these cool, “smart” features which add multi-function and infinite possibilities to this versatile layout.

Let’s start the tour with this centerpiece of the living area – the pivoting television, which literally “turns” into an art board for drawing. Not only is this a creative solution to limited space, but it also inspires creativity!
This open concept floor plan includes the living room, dining area, kitchen and office, and plenty of space to run and play!
The glossy white floor tiles and neutral backdrop of white and wood amplifies every ounce of natural light spilling through the large window.
When we mentioned built-ins, were weren’t referring only to furniture! Right in front of the window, the sitting and living area is tucked cozily into this nook, which allowed the designers to define and delineate it, while keeping it totally connected and open.
The central TV also acts as a divider, visually blocking off an area simply by angling it on its post.
Colorful nooks built into the wall break up the monotony of the all-white surface. The yellow, green and pink display nooks built into the walls catch the eye and draw your attention to the items displayed within – photos, art, books, what’s your pleasure?
The pink nook in the entrance way also serves as a small seat when putting on and taking off your shoes!
Also within this multi-purpose space, a home office proves you can combine work and play. The unconventional desk is a showpiece.
This undulating wood shelf offers a perfect place to display art and collectables on its alternating protruding surfaces, while acting as an intriguing piece of art in itself!
An issue for ever-denser urban centers is the departure from nature. But when you can’t go to nature, why not bring nature to you? House Design Co. turned transformed a conventional wood table into a tree, complete with trunk, branches and birds.
Built-in lanterns hang from the tree branches, adding whimsy while illuminating this intimate sitting and dining area.
Tucked down a small hallway, the bedrooms at the back of the home are an island of sweet serenity. The separation allows for privacy, which can be hard to come by in a small apartment home.
Sweet dreams!
Floor plan:
House Design Co.


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