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Minimalist house with pivoting wall and unusual details

This recently completed house in Melbourne, Australia was designed by architect Jessica Liew with a strong simplicity about it that becomes its most prominent feature. The square volume is heavy and strong, both in terms of its materials and its silhouette, with a large opening cut into its face that opens the interior to the exterior. Inside and out, this home features lots of unusual features that add a playful edge to this bold house design. Check it out:

Made of artfully layered bluestone, wood and marble, this cubic home is equally connected to nature as it is to a contemporary sense of style. Cool white brick walls peek out from behind the glazed facade, adding some curiosity to the clean, minimal interiors.
The pivoting glass walls are an amazing feature, offering direct access to the outdoors in a most unconventional way. Like installation art, this window (something that is usually made to recede) stands out as a defining focal point of this home. Behind the glazing, interiors are a more refined version of these same materials, with polished stone floors and the rear wood wall inside this living area which echoes the timber on the outside.
We love the contrast between the very rustic furnishings and the minimal, contemporary-style backdrop. Simplicity is the style here. Decor is kept to a minimum, limited only to the essentials, which are executed with elegance. The home’s main materials are definitely the star of the show, all appearing here in one earthy eyeful – brick, wood, stone and glass.
The living areas open onto a private courtyard with an outdoor pool casting sunny reflections dancing on the ceilings. The disappearing exterior wall expands living space into the outdoors while letting the sun shine in. A set of elaborately carved wood doors lead onto a long walkway following the length of the pool.

This house has lots of off-the-wall details that we love, like this floor-to-ceiling chalk board wall…
…This stunning, circular light fixture that looks like a ring of fire overhead…
…And this long, slender skylight hovering above the kitchen island. The kitchen makes use of the white brick walls to warm up the otherwise ultra-contemporary features and finishes, like the mentioned skylight, polished floors, clean white cabinets and the veined marble island at the center.
This library / den area has a distinctly warmer look and feel, thanks to the timber walls, comfortable furnishings and collection of books and artefacts on display.
Of course, the ever-present garden views and sunlight streaming in also warm up this home quite nicely.
The bedroom is lush and plush, but still simple. The thick carpet feels luxurious underfoot, and the rich royal blue color adds a visual element of opulence. Tall ceilings enhance the small scale of the room, while windows provide peaceful views.
Even the bathroom opens to the outdoors! A pair of floor-to-ceiling glass doors swing open before a deep wood soaker tub – a Japanese touch to this spa-inspired space. Again, simplicity and minimalism make their mark but cool details are not lost – a wood detail on the other side of the glass provides a striking focal point that also ties in with the tub.
This stone tiled shower is dark and dramatic, like bathing in a private cave.
Jessica Liew
via Freshome
photo credit: Jamie Diaz-Berrio


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