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Kohler Fete kitchen sink – a perfect new island sink

An organic free-flowing basin, the new Kohler Fete kitchen sink has a sculptural beauty and function. A narrow pooling form, this distinctive under-mounted sink features an upper and lower basin which makes it easy to prepare foods. Ideal for entertaining the two curving basins allow you to create impressive eye-catching displays. With sweeping sculptural basins, the Kohler Fete island kitchen sink has a clean modern design that compliments the luxurious kitchen countertops. Perfect for use in kitchen island or bar, the basin can be paired with a matching cutting board that mirrors the sharp curves of the central basin and lends a balance to the overall design. A beautiful basin of unusual organic curves, the Kohler Fete Sink transforms small spaces into glamorous kitchen centrepieces. Price starts at $435 in White.


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