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Natural Stone Chaise – Travertine Chaise by Stone Forest

This chic chaise by Stone Forest is a sculptural, functional piece of outdoor art. Carved from a single slab of natural stone, the unusual Travertine chaise explores new and unconventional materials to bring you a one-of-a-kind furniture collection for your garden or patio. Highlighting the inherently present veining of Travertine, this stylish chaise features web-like inclusions that run contrary to the stone’s natural lines. Placed indoors, the stone absorbs ambient room temperature, making these chaises warm to the touch. Similarly, when positioned outdoors on the patio, poolside or in the garden, this natural material will absorb sunlight, resulting in a warm-to-the-touch seat that will cradle you in pure luxury. Indoor or out, a pair of these chaises will enhance any space, any style. It measures 26”W by 63”L by 22”H and comes in Silver Travertine and Travertino Romano finishes. For more details visit Stone Forest.



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