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Travertine Bathtubs by Vaselli Marmi – Beach, Boat and Sailing natural stone bathtubs

To enjoy your own private adventure, try the whimsical Beach, Boat and Sailing natural stone bathtubs from the collection of Travertine bathtubs by Vaselli Marmi. Travertine is a magnificent natural stone that has been used since the ancient classic period and created the great architectural masterpieces of Roman times. It now made accessible for use in contemporary homes in the form of superbly designed bathtubs in the AQUA collection by Vaselli Marmi. Travertine possesses a wide range of physical, tactile and chromatic characteristics. The pleasantly oval Sailing bathtub makes use of white travertine, the angular Boat bathtub is in gold travertine, and the circular Beach bathtub is in becagli travertine. Be inspired by the timeless physical and aesthetic elements of gorgeous natural stone… bring a travertine Bathtub by Vaselli Marmi to your home.



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