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Oversized Bathtubs – stone large bathtubs by Vaselli

Talk about statement pieces! These hugely oversized bathtubs by Vaselli really play up the potential of bold and beautiful, large bathtubs. As an expert in stone designs, Italian company Vaselli takes this material and plays up the subtle nuances of raw nature, refined and polished into a stunning sculptural piece. “The stone, by itself, is perfect,” says Vaselli. “Veins, color changes and empty spaces represent the incredible work done by nature, water and hidden motions.” Blending nature with the ancient art of stonecutting and the most modern technologies, these oversized stone bathtubs represent a steppingstone to old-meets-new style. Circular in shape with an unusual contour along the base for built-in comfort, these large bathtubs are as inviting to sink into as they are to look at. Check out these amazing oversized designs at Vaselli.



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