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Natural Stone Washbasin from Bandini – the Prisma and Vela Moonstone washbasins

Bandini stone washbasin Prisma free-standing
The sculptural qualities of the Prisma and Vela stone washbasins by Bandini can be appreciated when viewed from any angle. The objects, made from Moonstone, change and interact with the lighting, setting and viewer so that your experience is intensely personal. The Prisma has a triangular shape and spirals upwards with a cheeky twist. Vela is as soft and free-flowing as a cloth caught by the wing. Minimal and smooth, the form is interrupted only by two ripples on the outer surface. Standing alone, the washbasins would be viewed as art. But combined with the washing function, the sinks are integrally useful in our everyday lives – something beautiful to experience again each day. Available as commanding free-standing versions or pleasing sinks to be placed on a vanity, the stone washbasins from Bandini bring us closer to natural elements.
Bandini washbasins Prisma vanity version
Bandini washbasin Prisma with a tall faucet
Bandini stone washbasin Vela free-standing

Bandini washbasins Vela vanity version


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