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PRISMA Modular Sofa is Most Versatile and Contemporary

When we think about modular sofas, we rarely imagine just how truly versatile they can be. PRISMA is a collection of modular seats by Derlot that proves that a modular sofa is much more than just a few breakable seats. PRISMA modular sofa can be anything from a classic couch to the office/waiting room seater. It can be a kitchen breakfast nook and a foyer bench. There are few limitations and a world of possibilities.

To make it so highly adaptable, the designer Alexander Lotersztain has come up with all the differently-shaped modules that can be arranged together quickly and easily. They require no screws or fixtures to fit seamlessly together.

PRISMA Modular sofa
PRISMA Modular sofa and table
PRISMA fabric detail
PRISMA fabric detail

There are angular shapes as well as trapezoid ones. Some of the PRISMA’s building blocks are purposefully rounded to allow even more flexibility. These are especially useful when you want to end the sofa with a cozy embrace-like curve.

Separate wooden elements from the collection make for great end/side/coffee tables as well as desks. They are mostly done in triangular, octagonal, and trapezoid shapes to fit with almost any seating arrangement.

Available in dark, medium, light grey, and beige, the seats can fit into any office. But there are also popping bright options to choose from. You can balance out the eye-watering green with some greys or, conversely, brighten up the office greys with some turquoise, yellow, or teal.

Designed as a LEGO for grown-ups, PRISMA must be a lot of fun to arrange. There is so much room for creativity and personal expression. This is also probably the only chance you’ll get to experiment with the size, shape, and colors of your leisure sofa.

PRISMA Modular Sofa for Home & Office

PRISMA seats
PRISMA seats
PRISMA seamless joints
PRISMA seamless joints
PRISMA's bright moduls
PRISMA’s bright modules


PRISMA's many configurations
PRISMA’s many configurations and arrangements

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