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Narrow Wine Cooler by Vinotemp Saves Space and Looks Cool

narrow-wine-cooler by-vinotemp-saves-space-and-looks-cool-3.jpg
We’ve never seen a wine cooler this skinny (or cool), so when Vinotemp sent us a heads up about this new product, we knew we had to feature it. Talk about a space saver! This unique cooler is industry standard height and depth but under 6″ wide. Think of all the places you could fit this cooler. And it holds seven full-size wine bottles. In fact, it’s the industry’s very first mirrored, front-vented, 7-bottle wine cooler. It’s easy to take advantage of the small footprint with the front-venting – no need for a lot of back end space. Sleek and slender, it has a patented mirror trim – another bonus for small spaces as it reflects the room. With sturdy, pull out wire shelving and touch screen temperature control, it performs like a much larger cooler. What are you waiting for? Cheers!

narrow-wine-cooler by-vinotemp-saves-space-and-looks-cool-1.jpg
narrow-wine-cooler by-vinotemp-saves-space-and-looks-cool-2.jpg
More information: Vinotemp


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