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Modern farmhouse dining room ideas

Regardless of the weather farmhouse décor will always reign superior. There’s just something special about having farmhouse décor. The beauty of having a farmhouse dining room is you get to bring in a warming effect even when the weather might scream otherwise. Farmhouse is just loved and well used in any home, no matter what your décor is or how you decide to decorate. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered our research and have put together a guide on modern farmhouse dining room ideas that are all the rage and for good reason.

Mix & Match

Blending two or more unique chairs together will further enhance the idea of modern while still keeping it classy.

While most of us have grown up with the idea of having a set of matching dining tables and chairs, this year that is no longer the case. It’s all about mixing and matching your décor for a modern twist. Bring in a unique table and pair it with even more unique chairs to make that statement that embraces the room. It’s about creating a contrast that is bold and sleek yet forces the room to be different on its very own.

Lower the Lights

Blend in multiple pendant lights to make the room feel sleek and new without taking away the farmhouse feel

Lighting is key in any and every room. It just makes sense to have bold lighting, but not just any lighting- pendant lighting. Pendant lights are fantastic to have in any room due to allowing you to make an impact while still being versatile. This time, however, we are counting on the idea of lowering the pendants and allowing them to feel rich. There is also the idea that lower lighting makes the room feel calm and chic all at once.

Banquette Seating

Add a rug, cushions and even a blanket to further enhance the warm feel the room should feel even when you’re dining out.

If you are looking for a comfortable, charm that only farmhouse décor can provide in the dining room consider banquette seating. You don’t only want to have banquette seating you want to bring in classic chairs as well. Having a display of both works well due to the contrast it creates. It’s all about making the room feel cozier without breaking your décor apart. Creating a cozy aesthetic and pairing it with just a hint of classic décor works exceptionally well every time.

Upholstered Chairs

Don’t limit yourself with one style of upholstery, consider bringing in multiple ones for a contrasting hue appeal.

For a fun twist keep your décor simple, but spice it up by bringing authentic upholstered chairs into the mix. With the use of upholstered chairs, you will be able to blend in color and texture all at once. Furthermore, it enables you to get as creative with color as possible. You can change up the upholstery depending on what color range you want to use in your dining room at the moment. Pair with wood elements to further showcase the idea of a farmhouse while being modern. Match your upholster to other shades in the room to ensure it all comes full circle.

Contrasting Wood

When it comes to contrasting wood, you might want to paint them a light hue to make the room feel sleek and even disguise some of the wooden hues.

Why go for one shade of wood, when you can use multiple shades? The idea is to use two or more shades of wood and allowing them to flow beautifully together. Having multiple shades of wood means you get to embrace the idea of having a warm, cozy touch while still being easy on the eye. Additionally, it’s an excellent way of keeping it modern but with a wooden reference felt throughout.

Chic Wallpaper

Bring in a wallpaper with metallic weaving to make the room feel sleek and grand. It’s all about making the room feel as new and fresh as possible

As always wallpaper will forever, remain a part of decorating. No matter how long or what style you prefer having a wallpaper can make a huge difference in the room. For a modern yet farmhouse approach, consider using a soft wallpaper. Though bold and rich ones will work just fine, soft ones are the best when it comes to providing a modern twist. Bring a patterned, repetitive wallpaper when you want to add texture and personality to the room.


The darker the gray wood the bolder the contrast will be, work with lighter hues to blend them together. For a well-contrasted appearance.

When in doubt, consider using shades of gray. Gray is one of those shades that’s modern enough to work with multiple decorating styles yet classic. It’s a shade that enables you to work around or make the main focus of the room. You can almost consider it a neutral, but with a twist. The key is working with an array of gray shades and having them become the focus of the room. Doing so will bring a sleek appeal that is felt throughout the room. Work with gray wood to bring that rustic appeal while enabling the rest of the room to feel new and fresh.

Keep It Simple

For a minimal approach bring in simple chairs, as well as a simple table to keep the room as cohesive as possible with just a hint of modern.

Modern decor is loved due to how minimal and simplistic, it truly is. Therefore, when in doubt, go the simple route. It not only works well, but it makes sense to have the room feel grand and open all at once. You can almost say the space will instantly take a character. The idea is to allow your décor to come to life while still being minimal and simple. Work in classic hues without overbearing the area with too much character. Ensure you work with what you already have to make the most statement possible.

Round Table

Keep the top of your table as simple as possible or add in a run in the center of the table to elongate the table seamlessly.

Though most of us have grown to love the idea of having a square table, as it essentially allows you to sit more people. This time around, we are looking at the idea of using a round table instead. Not only will this save you space, but it will also create a more intimate setting. It’s all about creating an area that makes you feel as close to your loved ones as possible. Creating contrast is key when you want to make the room feel new and fresh even after some time.

Display the Goods

Even if you don’t decorate too much, and simply keep a table and cups it will make a huge difference in the room and give you a bold element throughout

Sometimes you don’t want to be going back and forth grabbing food, and beverages, sometimes you want to have everything on your table. Not only does it make it easier to get your dishes on the table done correctly, but it’s a great way to make the room always feel homey. You can almost say this bit will contrast the room every single time. Keep the hues bright and bold to ensure you get the most out of the room, even when it’s decorated every single day.

What do you do when you want to give your dining room a modern farmhouse appeal? Share with us your ideas below.


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