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Minimal Float Wall Desk from Orange 22

This sleek and minimalist desk is part of the Botanist grouping from the Natural Series, designed by Dario Antonioni. It seems to float in space – and easily adheres to any wall material. With rounded edges and a pull out slider shelf (perfect for your keyboard), it’s the ideal modern work station. The pull out shelf is full size, and doubles your work space. It even has an organizational slot for all the wires. It would be great for your computer, your laptop, or even just as a writing station. It even would be handy in the hallway for a place to drop your mail and keys. If you live in a small space, you know how important it is to maximize every square foot and this wall desk frees up valuable floor space. And you can mount it any height you like – for a sitting desk, a standing desk, even a bar stool height desk if you’ve got a stool you’re fond of. An extremely functional piece of furniture, with clean lines, good design and space saving attributes – can we ask for more?

This wall desk makes a great laptop station.
It makes a great desktop station too, you can hide the keyboard and all your notes inside!
The finish is available in walnut or oak.
More information: Orange 22


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