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Brighten Up Your Home With An Orange Kitchen

When two bold hues such as red and yellow meet, we are left with a color that is not only a show-stopper but also chic, stylish and versatile- the color orange. The color itself represents health, happiness, and success. Additionally, the color is known to help promote wellness and an overall welcoming feeling. Whether you are looking to create a soothing environment with richer hues or give your kitchen a brightening effect with a touch of citrus, orange is your latest best friend.

Fun Ceilings

Want to add a second layer of orange beauty to your kitchen? If so, add a glossy touch to your orange ceiling this will bring a contemporary touch. Pair with neutrals to allow the orange ceiling to be the main focus.

If you have a kitchen that needs a bit of brightening, adding a fun, orange ceiling is perfect. Not only does it balance out your current decor, but it’s a unique way of adding much needed color.

Go Warm

Working with orange shades that have an amber touch is perfect for warming up the kitchen. You do not need to do this in big doses instead you can add it in, with a subtle approach such as having a warm light fixture or deeper hues as part of your seating.

Having a neutral kitchen is fun and beautiful yet sometimes the space can feel “cold” and impersonal. To avoid this from happening, add a warm color with an orange undertone such as an orange based nude or a softer terracotta. Paint an accent wall this softer shade to bring a warming richness that makes sense.

Creamsicle Dreams

Creamsicle is a classic orange shade, it looks great when paired with neutrals or other similar hues. The shade works best when it is displayed as a pop of color or even as the main essential hue. It makes the room feel larger and more put together.

Nothing screams orange quite like the beautiful shade of creamsicle. This shade is not only dreamy, but it brings a classic touch of orange anywhere it is placed. Paint your cabinets this daring hue for a completely different twist in your kitchen. It will bring the area to life in a delicious kind of way. Plus, who doesn’t want to be reminded of ice cream while having dinner?

Touch of Masculine

Having orange appliances is the perfect way to continue having a more masculine space without completely rearranging your decor. Consider having a bright orange stove or even refrigerator.

When most of us think of the color orange the last thing that may come to mind is “masculine,” yet the color holds its own when it is displayed in a masculine manner. When paired with a darker wood it becomes daring and in charge allowing the rest of the room to feel bold and put together.

Eat-In Nook

If you already have orange touches in the room consider adding orange chairs to your eat-in nook. Whether it be in the corner of your kitchen space or front and center the richness of the chairs will give a brightening effect anywhere.

Whether you love the appeal of having an open floor plan or you happen to have one consider adding an orange eat-in nook. Having a bold, bright touch to your table is the perfect way to add that signature punch of color without completely changing your décor.

Orange Accents

Many are naturally not fond of the color orange due to its “loud” aspect. However, when it is added in with a light hand the color comes to life while helping expand the room as well. Add it into a kitchen that needs a little hint of something different.

If you are not a fan of the color orange yet want to have fun accents orange accents is a way to go. Having the bold orange accents brings a modern touch that brightens the area while still having the rest of your décor remain the same.

Orange Meets Minimal

We love the idea of minimal decor, it’s perfect for smaller spaces or even larger ones. The idea is to have only the appliances and furniture bits that you need, anything more and/or anything less is not necessary. This can be done by having smaller orange cabinets as the main focus.

Minimal décor has become the trend to follow even in the kitchen area. The main reason for this being the less décor you have the grander your space will appear. Add orange in minimal bits by having orange stools. The stools add color while still having a minimal approach.

Wallpaper Galore

When selecting your orange wallpaper you want to consider using a bold pattern. The bold pattern will draw attention towards that specific area of your kitchen making the space feel more modern and put together. Or consider an orange tile backsplash.

Go bold or Go home! What better way to go bold then to have a beautiful, over the top orange wallpaper. The wallpaper brings beauty while still having that distinctive touch that creates a direct focal point in that specific area.

Orange Light Fixture

Having bold light fixtures is always a good idea as it not only brightens the area but it adds a second layer of color. Therefore, pushing the idea that a kitchen should have a colorful touch for a warming effect.

If you have the luck to find orange light fixtures it is time to snag them right up. Orange light fixtures aren’t common at all, therefore, once you come across them make sure to take advantage. Not only do they add color, but they brighten the room, snag the unique ones quite quickly.

Metal Accents

Whether your kitchen is completely orange or it has orange accents adding in a touch or two of metal not only adds an updated feel but it also brings a masculine appeal. 

So, you have officially integrated orange into your kitchen and can’t figure out what accents will work well with it. The answer is simple, metal accents will bring a different twist to any shade of orange from the lightest to the most rustic.

Mix and Match

The shades you decide to use for a mix and match appeal could simply be two or three shades apart. You want to have a slight difference in hues in order to bring a contemporary touch without breaking apart your decor.

Add a few shades of orange to bring that signature brightness. Mixing and matching shades is always a good idea when you are working with bold hues, they tend to look and flow better into the room.

Next time you are decorating or upgrading your kitchen, consider the color orange, it is sure to become your next best friend.


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