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Metal Mosaic tiles by Solistone – the Freeform decorative metal mosaic

Solistone’s metal mosaic tiles are a great way to add shine and texture to your space. These Metal Freeform Mosaic tiles are an exciting solution for your tiling needs, both inside and outside of your house. These durable mosaics are composed of stainless steel or titanium plating, ensuring that they will last and maintain their brilliance and luster. Each tile is 12” X 12” and has been designed to interlock with adjacent tiles to produce a seamless look when installed. Composed of pebbles shapes of varying size that have been mounted to a flexible mesh backing, this product is ideal for flat or curvilinear applications. With a wide variety of exquisite colors to choose from, including metallic shades of gold and copper to hues of blue and purple, the Freeform is sure to enhance your decor. Solistone. Buy Solistone decorative Metal mosaic for a price of $47 per sq. ft.


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