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Relaxing Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The master bathroom- known for being one of the most beloved areas for homeowners. Let’s face it, having a master bathroom is great! It’s your very own personal space where you can do whatever you want with it, thanks to it being away from the rest of the home. Furthermore, it’s one of those areas your imagination can run wild in. We have put together a guide on master bathroom remodeling ideas to help you create that magical space you deserve.

Big Impressions in Small Spaces

Choose a wallpaper that comes with contrasting color for a bold pairing that makes the room come to life.

Let’s face it, not all master bathrooms are huge and luxurious some are small and cute, which means you have to get creative. If you have a smaller bathroom take a peek at your wallpaper and decorative items. Are they small as well? Do they make little to no statement? If that is the case, it’s time to take a leap of faith and fall in love with the room all over again. In order to do so, change your wallpaper for a daring patterned one and add a large mirror. The two items are daring enough to be bold and make a statement while working well with the décor you already have.


For that monochromatic twist feel free to add your darker hues in a softer manner to keep the room as sleek as possible.

We love the idea of having a classic neutral bathroom. There is something chic and timeless about having a bathroom that will always look put together and trendy. However, while neutral bathrooms are always a win for us, we wanted to take it up a notch by bringing you a monochromatic twist. Adding a monochromatic twist brings a modern approach while still remaining classy. You want to select a few similar shades and have them displayed throughout the room for a bold contrast that speaks to your personal style.

Spa-inspired Black

Allow your marble to make a statement by adding hints of white, perfectly displayed sitting along with the dark black shade.

Way back when going to the spa meant entering a mostly white room and falling in love with the tranquility. However, spas have upgraded quite a bit and are becoming modern and you can even say edgy. These days, it’s all about bringing that high-end experience to the next level. But what can we take from this new revamped practice? Simple, go dark! Black bathrooms are taking over and we are obsessed! Add black marble and keep your décor rich and edgy for that spa-like ambiance with a hint of flair.

Industrial Plumbing

Displaying your plumbing creates a chicer twist that feels welcoming yet oh so industrial.

There is something fun and eloquent about having an industrial aspect to a more modern space. For that industrial twist, expose your shower plumbing. The idea is to bring your plumbing out to create not only an industrial presentation but to ensure it becomes a focal point in your décor. Think of it as the cherry on top of a Sunday- not everyone likes it, but everyone does enjoy looking at it once it’s displayed.

Open Concept

Separating the space with a simple wall will ensure the room feels open and airy yet has a little bit of privacy.

If you really want to revamp/remodel your master bathroom, break down your bathroom door and walls and consider an open concept. Long gone are the days when everything had to be closed off and hidden, open concept is coming back on trend and we’re loving it. While you do want a bit of separation by adding a singular wall you want to keep the rest of your décor as open as possible. Think of it as a new form of meshing your decorating styles together.

Oversized Florals

Instead of having all of your walls with wallpaper consider having one single wall with floral wallpaper and having the others feels sleek and minimal.

When in doubt if you should add drama to your décor or not, always consider doing so. For that dramatic twist, add an oversized floral print wallpaper. Wallpaper is always a crowd-pleaser, it’s not only beautiful to look at but it’s easy to apply and reapply whenever needed. The idea of using oversized florals works well because it brings a dynamic that is easy on the eye yet bold. Pair with real flowers for an endearing contrast.

White & Gray Marble

The softer the gray veining in your marble the better. It will create a softer approach while still being sleek and have a stark marble approach.

Marble has always been a key player in the bathroom. Whether it’s displayed as part of the walls in a wallpaper approach or its part of the sink, marble is typically always a part of the bathroom. This time we are taking a dive into richer and deeper marble by having a white and gray appeal. White and gray marble is softer on the eye, easier to blend and doesn’t fight with whatever other décor you might have. Use it as part of the walls to bring a bold touch that isn’t overbearing and overwhelming all at once.


Pair your concrete elements with wood for that natural bit that feels sleek and modern.

Concrete is one of those elements that is coming back with a vengeance. It’s quite exciting to see such a daring element be used with more natural bits. As tradition states concrete has been known for being cold and even frigid but when paired with natural elements, it’s kind of transforms into something unique and fun to have. It’s one way of keeping your décor put together.

Artistic Message

The bigger your art piece the grander it will feel displayed above your bathtub.

2019 is all about making a statement, it’s all about what you want to portray in a room. Whether that be a calm and relaxing atmosphere or a daring twist, whichever one you choose, do it with art. Art is here to stay and we’re obsessed with it. Add a large art piece near your tub to give it a focal point that directly makes your messages feel heard and sleek.

Change your Tub

Add a smaller clawfoot tub to keep as much footing as possible while still giving you that relaxing appeal.

If you simply want to make one change in your master bathroom, we recommend changing your tub. Whether you decide to place a clawfoot tub or a screen door shower. The idea is to bring a new element that’s fresh while still giving you that classic bathroom aesthetic.

How are you remodeling your master bath? Share with us your ideas below.


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