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Marilyn Bed by Mario Bellini from Flou

flou marilyn bed Marilyn Bed by Mario Bellini from Flou
The pin-up girls of the 40’s and 50’s would be proud of the Marilyn bed available from Flou. Designer Mario Bellini brings us this adorable bed from a bygone era in true European style. The bright red lipstick shaded leather surrounds the sensuous curves. The Marilyn bed is also available in white fabric or leather for a slightly toned down appearance. Matching mattresses, ottomans, benches and bed linens are also available at Flou. The slatted or orthopedic base provides for ultimate comfort for those lazy Sunday mornings. It is only sold in a double size bed. Go to Flou to coordinate this bed into your next design.

Marilyn bed in White
flou marilyn bed white Marilyn Bed by Mario Bellini from Flou



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