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High Headboard Storage Bed Sanya by Flou

This double bed by Flou is simply gorgeous no matter which color you choose but the bronze version is over-the-top beautiful. The depth of the color speaks of the ageless excellence of bronze. And of art, both classical and modern. In fact, the headboard looks like it’s been sculpted, doesn’t it? It’s a process called “pinned quilting” and it really is an art in itself. High headboard and over-sized width makes the bed seem far larger than double. Designed by Carlo Colombo, this bed is not just beautiful, it’s practical. It’s a storage bed and also available as a platform bed (but doesn’t everybody need more storage?) This impressive high headboard is available covered in either fabric or leather. If you choose fabric, the cover is removable for easy cleaning. They’ve thought of everything, except how to convince you to ever leave.

Sanya is also available in a champagne color.
More information: Flou


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