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Living room sofa by La Meteora – Bellini Clock Sofa

With a unique stylish modern form, the Bellini Clock sofa offers easy flexibility in living room design. Centred around a large circular pouffe the two branches of the La Meteora sofa rotate like the hands of a clock. From a single straight line to a ninety degree angle, the Bellini Clock sofa can easily be adjusted to create cosy conversation corners or an open wall of seating ideal for parties and watching films. The thick armrest features a gently curving profile that softens the simple geometry of the Bellini Clock Sofa and reflects its central pivot. Standing atop large wheels, the sofa offers smooth modern forms while retaining a plush inviting look. A sofa that allows you to restyle your living room to suit any event, the Bellini Clock Sofa by La Meteora offers a simple elegance for modern living. La Meteora


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