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Living in Small Spaces – Ideas from Paris House by Christian Pottgiesser

The St. Louis House by Christian Pottgiesser is an amazing idea demonstrating the possibilities of living in small spaces. Due to size constraints in Paris, the designers really made most of this seemingly hopeless space consisting of a grand total of 35m2. Making use of glass where possible to let in the maximum amount of light and incorporating multifunctional furniture makes all daily living activities entirely manageable, as can be seen in the floor plan. The main living area is in the center of the space and is surrounded by a large enough, closed off corridor on three sides. This “corridor” is used to hold the bedroom, bathroom, storage and kitchen. Another bedroom can be found up the Swedish style staircase, or it can also be accessed by a trap door above the eating area. How fun! A warm vibrant color scheme was chosen to warm up the natural light that enters this home and creates a sense of coziness. To learn more about this fascinating small space, visit Christian Pottgiesser’s website.



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