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Modern Urban Loft goes from Paris to New York

New York style has arrived at Porte Saint-Denis, Paris in the form of this edgy apartment loft, filled to the brim with interesting collections and “shabby” features that give it that characteristic downtown character. When the owners decided it was time for a change in style, they also opted for a change of place – if not physically, then at least in look and in feel, transporting their abode from Gay Paris to the Big Apple. With the help of interior design and decor company Zocaa, this classic Parisian apartment was transformed with a radical open concept configuration and the addition of modern metro elements like an exposed brick fireplace, rusted steel beams, and the rough tracks of lighting with wires and bulbs dangling down, adding to the industrial aesthetic. This prevailing urban style lends itself well to the eclectic spread of furniture, art and accessories. Mounted to the bare brick fireplace in the center of the space, a vintage bicycle screams New York and Paris all at once.

It’s all in the details – the modern industrial floor lamps, the measuring sticks on the wall, and the rustic coffee table, all overlooked by some unusual contemporary art.
On the other side of the fireplace, a plumbing pipe dining table is complemented by well-worn steel chairs in a vibrant red hue.
Forget those ultra-clean, empty kitchens – this one is charmingly cluttered with a combination of kitchen gadgets and tools, and art. The zinc countertop complements the steel details through the loft.
A sliding door opens to a second living area, where a row of tall windows line the wall above old-school radiators underneath.
This leather headboard brings a touch of sophisticated luxury to this shabby-chic space.
The bathroom boasts a living room feel, complete with a large shower, a walnut-veneer washbasin, and a pair of church stools, and a recessed wall displaying a sculpture. The boxing gloves are an interesting touch.
via Maison & Deco


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