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LED Chandelier from Zumtobel – LQ chandeliers

Ultra-modern lighting technology makes the LQ chandelier exceptionally special LED Chandelier, designed exclusively by Hani Rashid for Zumtobel. ‘LQ’ is Hani Rashid’s light-hearted reference to ‘Louis Quatorze’ – the “Sun King” – the inspiration for this brilliant collection. The designer took on a real challenge by deciding to recreate magnificent 18th and 19th century crystal chandeliers – without using crystal, glass or candles! The LED lights are embedded within the multi-faceted chambers which reflect the light according to specific geometrical rules. The exciting downward-facing forms of chrome-plated, tulip-shaped modules can be combined to create a beautiful play of light and pattern on the surfaces below. The modular design of the LQ chandelier from Zumtobel ensures that customers can get the exact lighting object to suit their individual requirements.
via Dezeen


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