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15 Bedroom Chandeliers That Bring Bouts of Romance & Style

If you’re looking to bring some unique charm into your personal space, then why not start in one of the more unsuspecting of nooks; the ceiling? These 15 bedroom chandeliers will certainly bring in bouts of romance and style. The soft lighting will ignite a very sensual ethos while the different designs will help to spark a newfound design worth for the area. Let’s have a look at some of the sharpest of choices and see if one strikes your fancy!

HGTV begins our list with this modern orb chandelier. It highlights this contemporary space beautifully and subtly. And because of its metal foundation it’s also a versatile piece that will fit inside traditional, industrial or even more rustic of rooms. The tapered light bulbs also create a more romantic, sensual vibe as well instead of just the typical, stark lighting that we’re all used to.

If you’re looking for a design that punches of the glamorous charm inside the bedroom, then this crystal chandelier is definitely one the you’ll need to take a second look at. We found this beauty roaming around Pinterest and loved the fact that it took a simple, chic bedroom and brought it to new heights with the sparkling addition – quite literally – topping it off.

Know that you can use smaller chandelier as well, especially if you have lower ceiling. Just make sure to have enough light that the room is still functional. If you have to add a couple of lamps to the side tables, that’s okay! And this particular bedroom chandelier adds a certain amount of girlish charm that makes us swoon.

Maybe you’re looking to blend both modern and Victorian style. With this black chandelier, you truly are getting the best of both worlds. A personalized, feminine touch on top without straying away from the contemporary tone of the bedroom makes for quite the nice overall design.

Pinterest had this beautiful bedroom floating around their inspiration boards as well. Not only are we drawn to the natural textures and neutral tones that surround the room, but its modern chandelier is a piece of the puzzle that we are very fond of as well. It tops off this relaxed abode without any fuss and keeps within the confines of the room’s readymade style.

Eclectic pieces can be fun to decorate around as well. Whether you start with a funky piece like you see here or top off your room with this kind interesting find, we love how it brings in bouts of personality. This room pays homage to some nautical roots and this chandelier seems to have that same ethos surrounding its innovative nature.

We instantly fell in love with this gilded beauty from beyootiful Life. Because the room already has so many gold accents, it was really a no brainer to choose a chandelier with that same foundation. There are certainly some richer, vintage-inspired accents that surrounds this room as well, so this light fixture was the perfect topping to it all.

Maybe you like bits and pieces that are more on the trendy side. If that’s you and you love texture as well, then maybe a beaded chandelier will be the right fit for you. We love how this minimalistic bedroom is highlighted by fun textures, including its funky, light fixture choice. It’s a clean space, there’s a certain amount of ease surrounding the room and every detail is covered without being fussy.

There will be some times that you’ll find a piece that you love so much, blending it and making sure it’s the “right fit” won’t really be a worry. Like this chandelier for instance. It doesn’t necessarily “go” with all of these contemporary, rustic pieces sprinkled throughout this bedroom but it certainly stands on its own creating a beauty focal point.

Wacker Design showed off a design that’s both glamorous and Victorian in spirit. Mixing the crystal bits with the metal frame creates a chandelier that will become quite a versatile choice. From industrial bedrooms that need a hint of feminine charm to farmhouse-inspired spaces that need the same, this beautiful selection can glide right in and give the nook what it needs.

This traditional bedroom is beautiful and inviting. But the extra spark that this branched chandelier brings to the room is unrivaled. With its modern art twist you get function and style – and an interesting focal point – just by installing it! It’s definitely a nice way to top off this family-style bedroom.

Here’s another minimalistic bedroom we love and found on Pinterest. And it’s been topped off with a modern, minimalistic chandelier that we also find to be quite a great choice. It hints at delicate style which is great for making a bedroom more relaxed and welcoming – rather being stoic and cold. Who wants a bedroom that doesn’t warmly welcome them?

A modern chandelier that’s been accented with some crystal is always a great idea as well, especially for those looking for create a bedroom with a lot of sex appeal and feminine quality. And that’s what this chandelier does. Finding this space on Pinterest, we were inspired by all of the subtle nuances and girlish charm.

Maybe you’re more inspired by designs that are even more outside-the-box. If you’re looking for a light fixture that has more of a masculine vibe then check out this mixed material vibe. The robe and crystal combination truly gives you the best of both worlds. And the copper tone creates a warmth that’s beautiful for the bedroom.

HGTV completes our list with a combination design. A crystal chandelier and a modern shade come together to bring in contemporary vibes and vintage nods. Thankfully, that’s exactly what this black, white and silver bedroom scream to us. Unique and personalized, the overall vibe of this room is one that’s original.


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