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Contemporary Bedroom Ideas for Sophisticated Design Lovers

Contemporary style is on the edge of design right now. No other style allows as much creativity and flexibility. Solving problems is easy as well. All you need is a good idea and a budget (but the more the merrier, as they say). Contemporary bedroom ideas are the most fun and fabulous. Want to leave more spare space or incorporate the most outrageous bed design? Go for it. But the laid back comfortable and minimalist design is always an option.

Enjoy Breezy Colors

Let’s start with that then. Neutrals tend to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Easy to pair and mix they also work well in just about anything from wall paint to bedding. To make your neutral bedroom design a bit more intriguing pay attention to details like lighting fixtures, nightstands, framed artworks, rugs, and small furnishings.

Lindye Galloway bedroom
Lindye Galloway bedroom’s airiness is strengthened by a fluffy white rug coupled with sparing black blots
Lindye Galloway
Lindye Galloway‘s contemporary bedroom ideas don’t come without framed prints
Brown Design Group
Brown Design Group added a mid-century modern leather bedroom bench to provoke curiosity towards the neutral interior

Shadows & Dark Tones

Nothing works quite as well as a contemporary interior design in dark tones. It may not even feature graphite grey walls or black furnishings. Sometimes mere lack of lighting is enough, if you like to sleep in. Choose rich textures for a more luxurious feel as they will emphasize the dark tones and give them dimension.

Michael Dawkins Home
Michael Dawkins Home‘s dark bedroom makes use of polished metal to create a luxurious feel
Michael Abrams
Michael Abrams chose chocolate brown satin fabric to underscore this neutral room
Veronica Martin Design Studio
Here, dark and light tones battle for superiority. Veronica Martin Design Studio design

Juicy Bright Accents

Although many contemporary bedroom ideas come in neutrals the style doesn’t shy away from juicy brights. On the contrary, it supports and benefits from them. Neon brights, muted brights, dark brights can all find a place in a contemporary bedroom. Dark, jewel-toned brights instantly color your decor luxurious. Muted, dusty brights look understated but also sophisticated. Neon brights should be used sparingly as they may look too punchy and exciting (or irritating).

Claire Wilson
Mandy Pellegrin‘s DIY headboard looks expensive in dark emerald green
Claire Paquin
Likewise indigo blue makes this bedroom by Claire Paquin look simply captivating
Caitlin Murray
Caitlin Murray used retro salmon to contrast the contemporary bed upholstered in blue velvet
House 2 Home Design & Build
Mint and salmon, however, look like an unlikely but fresh combination by House 2 Home Design & Build

Bed As an Altar

Furnishings are an entirely different aspect of contemporary design that bows to no rules. Artful, creative, conceptual, comfortable, and diverse contemporary beds are made into altars and pedestals occupying the whole of bedroom space. Feature walls and interior architecture can too help bring the bed into focus.

Visualized by Svetlana Nezus
Svetlana Nezus visualized many great contemporary bedroom ideas in one image
InArch design
InArch bed wall design incorporates lighting, which shows only at night
House 10 by A-Cero has a bedroom with a futuristic feature wall
Designer Melanie Hall
In contrast designer Melanie Hall emphasized the bed with a polished wood frame

Feature Wall Decor

Feature walls aren’t hard to create. Many contemporary bedrooms simply use a contrasting color like black, muted green or grey to cover one of the walls. In others reclaimed wood makes a popular feature wall/headboard alternative. Yet others play with wall paint and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Since the bed often doesn’t face it, the feature wall can offer plenty of creative space. Hang art, paint graffiti, or install photographic murals, it should not distract you from your rest.

Tamara Magel
Tamara Magel‘s trendy guest bedroom has it all – wooden ceiling, painted white brick, weaved rug, and a luxury fur throw
Bedroom design
This contemporary bedroom design is comparatively minimalist via Marie Claire Maison
Visualized by Le Anh
Contemporary bedroom ideas by Le Anh
designed by Capital Building
Wooden feature wall/headboard designed by Capital Building
Decorated by Amy Lau
Modern and contemporary meet in this bedroom decorated by Amy Lau
Monochromatic bedroom
Contemporary bedroom ideas via Design Sponge
Contemporary bedroom with a feature wall
Contemporary bedroom with a colorful geometric feature wall via Design Milk

Headboard Alternatives

Headboards often replace feature walls in bedrooms, but more and more alternatives emerge to accommodate challenges and needs of the modern dwellers.

Many designers build entire headboard systems to take bed design to the next level or meet specific client needs. Headboard niche shelves are the latest trend among contemporary bedroom ideas.

Artem Trigubchak
Artem Trigubchak made a headboard into a storage wall
Visualized by Elena Zhulikova
Contemporary bedroom ideas by Elena Zhulikova
Platform bed with a column and a backlit headboard niche by STIMAMIGLIO
Contemporary Property Design by 3ndy Studio
Minimal backlit headboard by 3ndy Studio

Contemporary Bed Design

Contemporary beds available on the market are almost as good as custom-made designs. Canopy styles are quite popular because of their unconventional look and additional functionality. But levitating beds are a more exciting trend. They look especially stunning complete with ambient lighting.

But what is more contemporary than a platform bed of an unusual shape? Multifunctional and spacious, it is the platform beds that make contemporary bedrooms look so stately.

Kia Designs
Kia Designs placed a levitating bed into this Notting Hill apartment bedroom
HGTV Urban Oasis
HGTV Urban Oasis has a metallic canopy bed
Rethink Design Studio
A contemporary take on traditional bedroom decor by Rethink Design Studio
Designed by XL-MUSE
Curvy bed design by XL-MUSE looks rather unique

Lights as Decorations

Since contemporary style is big on minimalism its details must capture attention. Lighting fixtures make dazzling accents. All you have to do is choose the fitting design that would complement the interior.

Small lights can get lost in spacious minimal rooms, so don’t be afraid to opt for something that can make a statement in decor. Some decorators find that twin lights can make a huge impact in bedroom design.

Circus Road London
Circus Road London bedroom with mesmerizing bauble lights
Antonio Martins
Antonio Martins went for functional reading lamps at either side of the bed instead
Bedroom by SHH
Minimalist bedroom by SHH is decorated with pendant lights

Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is as diverse as other aspects of contemporary decorating style. You can choose something that you like, something that expresses your vision to hang in the bedroom.

If you see art merely as decoration, however, there are even more options for you to play with. Many contemporary designers create an art gallery feel in the bedroom by making use of blank white walls.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects use decorative accents as contemporary wall art
Joseph Cortes
Conversely Joseph Cortes opted for actual paintings to spruce up the neutral minimal room
McRitchie Design and Gary Hutton Design
McRitchie Design and Gary Hutton Design went further still with an art gallery bedroom design

Views as Design Element

Thanks to lots of glass inclusions contemporary house designs open up to all kinds of views that became a design element in their own right. Hence, a contemporary bedroom with a view isn’t just a hotel attraction anymore.

Breathtaking seas, lush green forests, beckoning meadows, and grand mountains are all possible backdrops to your contemporary bedroom.

Architecture by Horst Architects, interior design by Aria Design
Horst Architects built a house in California with glass bedroom walls in front of the ocean, interior design by Aria Design
Aspen home designed by Shelton Mindel & Associates
Aspen home by Shelton Mindel & Associates also has unparalleled bedroom views
Marmol Radziner
Marmol Radziner hid this bedroom in an inner courtyard so as to bring views to the room

Small Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Big space, little space, it makes little difference. Clean lines, big windows and sophisticated furnishings make contemporary style work anywhere. Just be sure to personalize it with little things like photos, family relics, musical instruments, trophies, and other things you enjoy.

Susana Simonpietri
Though tiny this contemporary bedroom by Susana Simonpietri looks and feels breezy
Sheep + Stone Interiors
Small but stately bedroom by Sheep + Stone Interiors

Contemporary Furnishings

In contemporary design comfort and functionality often take place above appearance. It doesn’t mean they don’t look good, however. Rounded edges, sophisticated upholstery, and sleek lines all have their special charm. You can also mix in some modern furnishings into your contemporary decor if you want to.

Waldo Fernandez
Waldo Fernandez mixes modern and contemporary furnishings in this bedroom
Contemporary bedroom ideas
Contemporary bedroom ideas via City Farm House
Contemporary bedroom in actor Will Ferrell’s New York apartment
Contemporary bedroom ideas in actor Will Ferrell’s New York apartment via Architectural Digest

When it comes to implementing contemporary bedroom ideas, be bold and daring. Don’t bound yourself by unnecessary rules. Almost anything is possible in contemporary design.


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