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Ignite The Night With These 15 Brass Chandeliers

Whether it’s the foyer or the dining room, it’s okay to add an extra bit of “fancy” to your home. Ignite the night with these 20 brass chandeliers. Big and small, there’s something for any size space below. Grab some ideas and think about using something similar within your home’s redesign.

The White Buffalo Styling Co starts us off with this gorgeous brass chandelier makeover. Starting out with an older piece, they took a bit of paint and redid the entire design. Changing out the solid foundation and matching it with a more contemporary style made quite the charming statement.

Over at Mountain Modern Life, you’ll find this multi-armed, modern chandelier. This more compact design fits well over kitchen islands, dining room tables, inside foyers or even inside home offices. Actually, it fits in anywhere you would like an extra pop of contemporary art!

This brass chandelier design is also quite modern and it’s bigger and bolder too. Making a statement inside the dining room or, like you see here, as soon as you walk into the home, it’s a stunning piece. We especially love something like this accenting a foyer so that the entrance to your home gets a more grandiose facelift.

Erin Spain held this brass beauty and we instantly fell in love with its innovation. It’s got the combo style genre down to an A+ art form. Antique touches filled with a modern effect, it quickly become one of the more versatile chandelier designs on the list. Inside the home office or even inside the guest bedroom, it works!

It’s hard not to think of the term “brass chandelier” and not go immediately into thinking of some kind of antique design. But with this setup, we urge you to do so. Inside this modern dining room, you get a beautiful, old-age topper to the entire setup. Blending styles and mixing up interests, it’s a special way to light up your family dinners.

Julie Blanner showcased a beautiful brass chandelier design as well. And this one has a touch of romance surrounding it. With delicate arms and a more feminine nature, it makes a statement without coming off too abrasive or outstanding. Instead, this is the type of light fixture that compliments a space nicely and without any fuss.

Your brass chandelier inspiration doesn’t end at fixtures made of just brass. There may be some crystal thrown in as well. There are so more glam designs rolling around the pages of Pinterest and that includes this stunner from the pages of Luxe. Brass tones compliment blue in a way that feels both timeless and eclectic.

Decoist gave us this windmill design that becomes a great choice for our bedrooms! It’s a fixture that has a contemporary tone but isn’t too bold or outstanding for nurseries, home offices, guest bedrooms and the like. This too has that same trendy, modern art vibe that we’re smitten over.

And then there’s this sexy brass chandelier from Cococozy. Inspired by a gorgeous, mysterious candelabra, ignite your home office or dining room with a design of similar value. It still holds the timeless appeal that we love when it comes to these kinds of pieces but with a more updated and interesting outlook.

If there was ever a light fixture that looked more like a piece of art than an actually functioning piece, it’s this one from Interiors by Studio M. Yes, it’s a brass chandelier, but it also becomes an accent to the entire room. If you’re looking to bring something in for an unsuspecting surprise, try going with a ceiling accent such as this.

Here’s another example of what our minds typical turn to when thinking about brass chandeliers. Delicate, romantic and infused with vintage flavor, decorate your cottage-inspired home with something of the sort. Perfect for topping off the dining room tables or your vanity, you can’t go wrong with a design like this.

HGTV brought us this larger and bolder brass chandelier design. If you have more open and larger rooms, then you can easily go with a larger light fixture as well. Stay away from the boring choices and go with something that has both style, passion and presence, especially in your formal living room or dining space.

Dutton Brown has another stunning example of a brass chandelier that doesn’t fit the traditional mold. A chandelier should always provide function but the right kind of chandelier will provide an artistic presence and interest to the room. They add even more life to the space, as does this contemporary design.

Citrine Living showcased this cozy nook and we learned so many wonderful things by getting a peek. Brass and gold tones compliment creams and neutral grays quite nice, being one of them. But also, a simple chandelier is really all you need to top off your bedroom in a way that keep things polished and precise.

We end our list of fun designs with this chunkier brass chandelier. Again, a bold statement can be the right statement if you pick the right space. And this room, with its high ceilings, needed something special to break of the darkness.


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