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Kohler Revival faucet – the new wall-mount lavatory faucet

Graceful and delicate, the Kohler Revival faucet captures a classic beauty with its alluring scroll handles and long swan-like spout. Perfect for matching with classic vessel basins, the Kohler Revival faucet exudes a essence of European refinement blended with early American charm. In a lovely brushed nickel finish, the wall-mounted Revival has a sensual lustre that captivates. The fixture bodies feature delightful curves and traditional details that provide a classic sophistication. The long dramatic spout reaches to stunning heights before sweeping down to release crisp and clean water into a beautiful free fall above the basin. Kohler Revival wall-mount lavatory faucet available in polished chrome, brushed chrome, vibrant brushed nickel, brushed bronze, polished bronze and French gold. Price starts from $460. Kohler


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